Monday, November 24, 2014

Essie Style hunter

Yeah yeah I still haven't shown you all of the Essie polishes I own but I'm getting there :D If you missed other swatches here are the links to Fashion playgroundTruth or flare and Hide go chic.

Da da, još vam nisam pokazala sve Essie lakove koje imam, ali pomalo radim na tome, doći ćemo uskoro i do kraja :D Ako ste propustili ostale swatcheve evo linkova na njih  Fashion playgroundTruth or flare i Hide go chic.

Essie Style hunter nail polish

This is Style Hunter from Hide and go chic collection. I wear it quite a lot and I'm really satisfied with Essie nail polishes. It would be much better if they were cheaper over here but a sale here or there makes them slightly more affordable for some special pieces. 

Ovo je Style hunter  iz Hide and go chic kolekcije. Prilično često ga nosim i općenito sam prilično zadovoljna s Essie lakovima. Bilo bi puno bolje naravno da su jeftiniji ovdje za kupiti, al poneko sniženje tu i tamo ih čini ipak malo dostupnijima po prihvatljivim cijenama za neke posebne komade.

Essie Style hunter lak za nokte

Here it is in the shade, this is two coats without top coat. Lasts nicely, dries quickly, you get 13,5 mL of polish. 

Evo ga ovdje u sjeni, ovo su dva sloja bez top coata. Ima dobro trajanje, brzo se suši i dobije se 13,5 mL laka.

essie zarko rozi lak za nokte

And here it is in the sun it's a lovely color especially for the warmer months but I won't forget about it this winter either for sure :D How do you like this shade?

I evo ga i na suncu, krasna mi je boja pogotovo za toplije mjesece, ali sigurno je neću zaboraviti niti ove zime :D Kako se vama sviđa ova nijansa?

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

50 questions tag

Stole it from Misty, don't feel like translating everything so here it is in English :)

50 questions tag lendoxia

1. Would you rather be twice as smart or twice as happy?
I'm smart enough so definitely twice as happy :)

2. What's your worst habit?
Being messy, if that's considered a habit, since I am organized when I want to be ^_^

3. Are you dating?
Sometimes XD

4. Do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels?
Haven't been in hotel for a while but I can't remember that I did take any when I was

5. What is the one thing you'll never do again?
I don't know I try to say never say never :)

6. Do you collect anything?
Nail polish I guess, but I can't say I collect anything

7. Worst injury you ever had?
A big gash on my forehead when I was a kid, now I have just a little scar

8. What is your favourite pet/ animal?
I've never had a pet, but I really like cats :)

9. What's your dream vacation?
That's hard to choose, but it would definitely include lots of sun and sea and cocktails :D

10. Honestly, are things going the way you planned?
Some plans work out and some don't that's just the way it is

11. Do you have any tattoos?
Nope but if I ever get a tattoo I already know what it will be

12. What's your secret to lure in the opposite sex?
I don't know I'm awesome I guess XD just kidding I don't have a secret

13. Any phobias?
Not really intense ones, but I really don't like clowns or needles

14.  Do you bite your nails?
Nope and never really have

15. Do you ever count your steps when you walk?
I used to count stairs when I was little, but no I don't count my steps

16. Heels or flats?
Flats all the way

17.Have you ever stolen a street sign before?
No and I don't know what would I do with it

18. Do you always smile for pictures?
Depends on the occasion and type of picture, so I guess no

19. Do you ever dance even if there's no music playing?
Yes ^_^ 

20.  Do you miss anyone right now?

21. What's your favourite colour?
Can we answer this one in chorus ^_^ blue of course

22. Do you want kids?
 No I don't think I do

23. Are you patient?
If something is worth waiting for than I am

24. Can you swim?
Yes ever since I was really little

25. Tea or coffee
I like both but prefer coffee

26. What do you wear to bed?
PJ or underwear+comfy shirt

27. Ever used a gun?
No and I never would

28. Do you sing in the shower?
Rarely :)

29. Are you stubborn?
I can be :D

30. Are you lazy?
If the circumstances let it :)

31. Can you change the oil in a car
Not right now but if I had a car, I would make sure that I could

32. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
Sometime when I was in middle school

33. Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?
No I wouldn't, I dot't mind nudity but I wouldn't share mine with the world

34.What is your favourite food?
There are so many to choose but I'm always in for a good fish and chocolate, I can't skip mentioning chocolate :D

35. Do you still watch cartoons?
Yes but not very often

36. What movie(s) can you watch over and over again and not get bored?
Lord of the rings trilogy :D, Last night, 

37. What superpower would you have for one day?
Reading peoples thoughts but that would be really annoying for longer than a day

38. Whats been your favourite age so far?
I don't know I think I really liked being 21

39. How old are you?

40. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self?
Work harder it will pay off with time

41. If you knew you would die in one week, what would you do?
Try to make it stop if I couldn't cry the rest of the time and say my farewells to all my loved ones

42. What celebrity would you trade lives with?
Marion Cotilliard because she is french and fabulous and has an amazing fiancee :D

43. Do people ever take you seriously?
Yes of course XD

44. What happened the last time you cried?
I was watching a movie that made me cry as per usual ^_^

45. Who knows you best?
I know me best XD but other people, just my closest friends

46.  Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
It depends, last night they stayed open

47. What is your song of the week?

Not the best sound but I'm obsessed with it :)

48. Last person you kissed?
A boy

49. Best thing to eat for breakfast?
I always eat oatmeal with cocoa and that's the best for me :)

50. Does anyone know the password to your email?

Hope you liked this tag, if you have other ones that I still haven't made and you want me to just write me a comment :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Avon Super shock brights purple mascara

Colored mascaras are always a fun way to spice up a look, or even a lazy option like mine in the look on the bottom of the post but it still looks interesting. Today I'll be showing you Avon Super shock brights mascara in Purple.

Maskare u boji su uvijek zabavan način za malo začinit look ili kao lijena opcija kao meni u looku na dnu posta, ali još uvijek izgleda zanimljivo. Danas ću vam pokazati  Avon Super shock brights maskaru u nijansi Purple.

Avon Super shock brights ljubicasta maskara

Here is the brush, I must say I'm not a biggest fan of rubber brushes and I prefer more bristly ones, but it does a good job, it really separates lashes and coats them with color but you just need to work it a bit more. With this mascara you get 10 mL I'm not sure about the price since I can't seem to find it in this catalog it will probably be back in some of the future ones, now they have a back and brown version. 

Evo četkice, moram priznat nisam najveći ljubitelj gumenih četkica više volim one standardne. Ova doduše dobro odrađuje posao, pogotovo lijepo razdvaja trepavice i pokriva ih s bojom, ali treba malo više raditi s njom. S ovom maskarom se dobije 10 mL, nisam sigurna za cijenu jer je ne mogu pronaći u ovom katalogu, ali pretpostavljam da će biti vraćena u nekom od budućih, trenutno imaju crnu i smeđu varijantu.

Avon Super shock brights ljubicasta maskara jedan sloj

This one coat, I have really light lashes so even like this color shows up but this is a bit too little for my taste.

Ovo je jedan sloj, ja imam jako svijetle trepavice tako da se boja vidi odmah i na njima iako nije dovoljno za moj ukus.

Avon Super shock brights ljubicasta maskara dva sloja

This is two coats and it's much better. 

Ovo su dva sloja i to mi se puno više sviđa.

Avon Super shock brights ljubicasta maskara tri sloja

This is three coats and it's my favorite way to wear it, it gives lot of volume to my lashes but it still keeps them very separated. I feel like it's a bit drier mascara even though it looks creamy on the wand you really need to work it up to really show it up on your lashes. It isn't waterproof but it stays well on the lashes, it doesn't bleed under the eyes nor does it flake. It's a nice mascara if you want a bit of fun but I don't wear it too often since I do need some time to apply it the way I want it to look. 

Ovo su tri sloja i onako kako mi se najaviše sviđa nosit je, da dosta volumena mojim trepavicama, ali ih još uvijek super razdvoji. Imam osjećaj da je malo suša maskara iako izgleda kremasto na četkici, treba je dobro razraditi da se stvarno pokaže na trepavicama. Nije vodootporna, ali joj je trajnost na trepavicama dobra, ne preslikava se ispod oka niti se trusi. Dobra je maskara ako se želite malo zabaviti, ali je ne nosim prečesto zbog toga koliko mi treba da je nanesem onako kako želim da izgleda.

Avon Super shock brights ljubicasta maskara make up look

And this is a make up look how I wore it this summer, it's not the best lighting but it's all I have and it's just a little something so you can see it in action. Do you like colored mascaras or are you only black kind of girl?

I evo jednog make up looka da vidite kako sam ga nosila ovo ljeto, nije najbolje osvjetljenje, ali je sve što imam i samo nešto da vidite maskaru u akciji. Volite li maskare u boji ili ste onaj tip za samo crnu i najcrniju moguću :D?
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Essence So glow highlighter Look on the bright side

I've shown you this product in my latest new in but it deserves it's own post because it's awesome. I've wanted a cream highlighter for a while but didn't want to splurge too much money on it, then as always Essence saved the day when they announced two cream highlighters in their standard collection.

Pokazala sam vam ovaj proizvod u posljednjem new inu, ali zaslužuje svakako poseban post jer je sjajan. Željela sam kremasti highlighter već neko vrijeme, ali nisam htjela potrošiti puno novaca na njega i onda kao uobičajeno Essence je spasio dan kad su najavili dva nova kremasta highlightera u standardnoj kolekciji.

Essence So glow posvjetljivac Look on the bright side

This is Essence Soo glow Look on the bright side cream highlighter and it's the golden yellowy white highlighter. They have a pinky version too but I thought that one would be too cold for me and this is more suitable for my undertone.

Ove je Essence Soo glow Look on the bright side kremasti highlighter i ovo je bjelkasti highlighter sa puno zlatno žutog shimmera. Druga verzija je na roskastu stranu i mislim da bi ona bila prehladna za mene i ovaj je puno pogodniji za moj podton.

essence highlighter za topli podton

These first two pictures are shot in the artificial light but I still think there are quite accurate. I don't have pictures in natural light because I couldn't stay away from the product until the right lighting comes. ^_^ You get 4 g for around 23 kn. 

Prve dvije slike su slikane pod umjetnim svjetlom, al mislim da su ipak prilično vjerne. Nemam slika na prirodnom svjetlu jer nisam mogla se suzdržati od isprobavanja do prilike za slikanje. ^_^ Dobije se 4 g proizvoda za oko 23 kn.

Essence Look on the bright side

Here are the swatches left side is in the shade and right side is in the sun.On the left of each picture is a blended swatch and on the right is a heavier application.

Ovo je swatch, lijeva strana je u sjeni, desna je na suncu. Na lijevoj strani svake slike je izblendani swatch, a na desnoj je jače naneseno.

essence kremasti highlighter na licu

And here it is how it looks on my face this is without any make up underneath, I must say I prefer it more when I have a foundation on but for the sake of this review I wanted just to show it on it's own.

I ovo je kako izgleda na mom licu bez make upa, moram priznat da mi se više sviđa kad imam podlogu, ali zbog ove recenzije htjela sam vam ga pokazati i potpuno samog.

essence kremasti highlighter

And this is in sunlight to see how shiny it is :D This is quite heavy application, it can be much more subtle, but I wanted it to show up on camera :)

I evo ga na suncu da vidite kako se ludo sjaji :D Ovo je prilično intenzivna aplikacija, može biti i puno suptilniji, ali htjela sam da se dobro vidi na fotki. :)

recenzija essence kremastog highlightera

And this is a make up look when I wore it, it is shot in artificial light but you see how shiny and great it looks :) It's applied on my cheekbons, inner corner of the eyes and under my browbone. This is my new favorite highlighter and as much as I managed to read lots of bloggers love it too. Do I recommend this product? It's a big yes :D 

I ovo je jedan make up look kad sam ga nosila, slikano je na umjetnom svjetlu ali možete vidjeti kako sjajno izgleda :) Nanešen je na jagodice, u unutarnji kut oka i ispod obrve. Ovo je moj novi omiljeni highlighter i koliko sam uspjela pročitati mnoge blogerice ga isto obožavaju. Preporučam li ovaj proizvod? Ogromno da :D