Sunday, September 29, 2013

Project 365: Day 266-272

Week 39, oh boy I didn't want to take pictures this week, but I managed to do 7 of them, I'm not satisfied at all but I'm glad I stuck with it :) 

Day 266. Things on my make up desk

Day 267. After a visit to Muller XD

Day 268. Autumn leaf

Day 269. I like the look of this building

Day 270. One of 4 pictures that day, luckily that I remembered even to take a photo

Day 271. Silver star thinghy 

Day 272. Tiles

Matching manicures: Ruffian manicure

So there is this little group of bloggers that came up with the idea of matching manicures and I decided to join in :) This week's theme was ruffian manicure. I have tried it in the past and failed miserably, this time I'm more satisfied but I still need practice. 

crno crvena ruffian manikura

I went for the classic black and red ruffian since it took me only one coat of red (Catrice-Bloody Mary to go) and two coats of black (Look by Bipa-Black night). This was actually second manicure I did for this theme. 

crno crveni ruffian sa glitterom

This was the first one, but I wasn't very satisfied so that's why I tried the second one. Accents on this one are Essence Here's my number and if the other nails were just a little different I would have stuck with it. So which one you prefer? 

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(I'll add more later when they publish their posts)

P.S. yes this means you are getting two posts today :)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Eveline aqua platinum 426 lipstick

Are you in for a lipstick review today? I've finally edited some pictures so I have something to show you :) 

eveline ruz za usne

This is Eveline aqua platinum lipstick in shade 426, it costs around 20 kn for I believe 4 g of product, but it's not written anywhere on the packaging so I might be wrong.

eveline rozi ruz

This is a picture in the shade. Applied straight from the tube, it's a medium pink  and it's appropriate for lots of looks because it's not really a statement color, but it's not very neutral either. I wore it a lot this summer. Texture is creamy and it's not drying. It doesn't last very long on the lips but it doesn't disappear immediately either. 

eveline pink lipstick

And this is a picture in the sun. The only thing that bothers me about this lipstick is the smell and it smells pretty strongly of watermelons (really, a lipstick?) and I really dislike watermelons. After application I don't smell it on the lips but I would be really happy if it smelled of anything else. I still didn't buy any other shades and I probably won't, but I really like this shade and I'll definitely use it up. Do you have any Eveline lipsticks? What's your favorite shade?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation

 In case you were wondering what is my favorite foundation I've tried so far, I thought it would be nice to write a few words about it and add it to the million reviews of it that are out there :D

Bourjois Healthy mix serum puder u nijansi 51 light vanilla

It is Bourjois Healthy mix serum foundation in shade 51. You get (standard) 30 mL for around 105 kn (depends on the store). 

hm serum jedna pumpica

And here is one pump of it on my hand. I usually use this much or a little less depends on the coverage I want that day. It's a light to medium coverage, an it's nicely buildable. On my combination skin ti sits very nice and it's hydrating for my skin. On my T zone I need some mattifying powder if I don't want it to get shiny during the day. It lasts well on the skin, not 16 hours as they claim, but 6-8 I would say. 

lice bez sminke

And the worst part for me ^_^ my bare face :) I have some spots that need coverage and to even out my skin. On a days like this I use a concealer after foundation. Downside of the foundation is that it doesn't have SPF but I use a face cream with SPF before application. 

healthy miks serum na licu

And my face with Bourjois Healthy mix serum foundation in shade 51 Light vanilla. I didn't want to copy the ingredients list but it doesn't have anything that bothers me and it's not comedogenic. Did you try this foundation? If you have combination skin, what is your favorite foundation?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Here's my number, call me! There is no maybe ;)

The other day I showed the red one and today I said why not show the black one too before pictures gather dust in my folder :)

essence sand sparkle effect crni

This is Essence Here's my number and it's the second one of the sparkle sand effect nail polishes. It's a dark grey glitter with some holographic glitter particles. First picture is in the shade, second is in the sun, and third one is also in the shade .

essence crni hrapavi lak za nokte

This one also sparkles in the sun and looks gorgeous. I was surprised but you can even see the holographic particles in the pictures :D What new to say, 8 mL for around 13 kn. Available pretty much everywhere where there are Essence stands. 

glitter lak za nokte

I had to include this picture I like how all is blurry except the ring finger :) 

And an extra, here is a video so you can see how this one and Me and my lover sparkle in the sun :)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Project 365: Day 259-265

Week 38, lots of travel, lots of waiting, some sunshine, some freezing. I've started watching Doctor Who, I'm already addicted :D Hope you enjoy the pictures :)

Podravka zlica fontana

Day 259. Spoonful? 

plava nivea krema

Day 260. Just the smell reminds me of the past

loop kafic u koprivnici

Day 261. Coffee in Loop

moji nokti rujan 2013

Day 262. Mani of the day, so you can see the current state of my nails

ocni mejkap

Day 263, I've tried to film this but video ended being too burned out, so just a picture of the eye :)

dorian gray zagreb

Day 264. This seems like my kind of place, but still haven't gone in

milka s drazejama XD

Day 265. Chocolate on discount nom nom nom :D

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rimmel Royalty

I don't know why it took me this long to write about this lipstick because I adore it and I've promised you swatches a long time ago >.< 

rimmel lipstick

I dream of being at the beach and sunbathing but this is the closest I'm getting to it for a while. Well enough of my daydreams this is Rimmel Royalty and it's my first purple lipstick, it's warm and medium purple so it is a very wearable purple (at least for me :))

rimmel ljubicasti ruz za usne

This is a picture in the shade. You get 4 g of product for around 30 kn (depends on the store) and it's well pigmented and creamy. It doesn't dry out the lips and it's comfortable to wear for a long time. 

rimmel  ruz za usne

And this is a picture in the sun. It's staying power on the lips is regular, if you don't eat or drink much it can stay on for a long time, it doesn't fade quickly, but as most it transfers onto glass and other things so it disappears. I wore this one quite often more in the colder weather than in the summer and now I'm slowly started to use it more. Do you have any Rimmel lipsticks? What do you think of them?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Me and my lover in the summer

I've promised you swatches of this one first :) As you probably know this is one of the new nail polishes in the Essence range and it's called Me & my lover. Well I agree red is for lovers :)

essence sand sparkle effect nail polishes

First two pictures are in the shade and third one is in the sun. On all of the pictures there are two coats of nail polish. 

me & my lover lak za nokte

This is a red nail polish with red and gold glitter which when it dries has a gritty finish, or as they call it in Essence sparkle sand effect. With these polishes you still get 8 mL for 14 kn. It dries pretty quickly which is good because you can't use a top coat if you don't want to ruin the effect. But it looks really pretty when you smooth it out too :) 

essence red and gold nail polish

It doesn't look as pretty in the photos when it's in the sun but in person it's gorgeous and really sparkly. Removal is little harder but I would suggest peel off base coat or removing it with foil method. I will show you the dark grey/black one soon. Still haven't bought the cream one but I am thinking about it :) Did you buy some gritty nail polishes, which ones? 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Project 365: Day 252-258

Week 37, inspiration is still somewhere else it seems to me >.< But busy week and a nice one :)

bijeli cvijet

Day 252. White flower


Day 253. Blogobeer :D

crveni oblaci

Day 254. Love the clouds :)

sivo nebo i more

Day 255. Greyish weather

valovi i jedrilice na moru

Day 256. Windy day 

box sladoled cokolada

Day 257. Nom nom ice cream :)

sepia list jesen

Day 258. Is it autumn already? 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bella Sparkles

I bought it a while ago and these are a little older swatches but since I still haven't shown you, this is Essence Bella. It's in the standard range and this is a glitter part from the twins reloaded range. Since they have changed it up these polishes have 5 mL for the price around 14 kn. 

essence twins reloaded glitter

On both pictures there is one coat of Bella over Essence You are a heartbreaker (50's reloaded LE) and with top coat over it. First picture is in the shade,

essence glitter

and second is in the sun. This glitter has dark silver, blue and larger holo particles suspended in a clear base. I'm sorry that the picture in the sun doesn't show how sparkly it really is. There is nothing more to say about it, I like to wear it in various combinations, with which polish would you pair it with?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Neutral tanned make up look

Today I was in the mood for a more tanned but still neutral look, since I'm usually pretty pale and I avoid tanning I wanted something different. I don't usually use bronzers so this is a change for me, for you probably this is really light (even though I have a lot of make up on). 

neutralni make up

So many products I used are already discontinued and I know that it's slightly annoying but you can always find something similar if you want to do the same look. Of the products that aren't discontinued I used Beyu BB Cream in shade 2*, Catrice Date with Ash-ton eyebrow pencil, Essence lip cream in shade 03, Catrice Camouflage cream in 020 Light beige for under my eyes. Both pictures are in natural light. 

neutralni bronze look

And here you can see what I did on my eyes, just a little light yellow gold in the inner part of my eye, and light bronze all over the eyelid, and just above the crease a little bronzer that I used on the rest of my face (cheeks, forehead, chin, neck). Do you like what I did? Would you do something different?

*PR sample

Monday, September 9, 2013

Avon Pastel Pink

It took me a while to swatch this nail polish, but I am finally satisfied with the pictures :) I got this nail polish at beauty party a Cappuccino spa and it's Avon Pastel pink. It's really light pastel pink.  

avon nail polish

On both pictures there are three coats and top coat. First picture is in the sun and second in the shade. I really like the color, but the formula is just terrible, like many other pastels very chalky and prone to bald spots, it looks decent enough to wear with three coats. Drying time is average, fast drying top coat speeds things up :)

avon nailwear pro+ pastel pink

This is my first Avon nail polish so I hope that other shades are better. Chipping time is average for me (almost all nail polishes chip on me in about 24 hours even when I'm not doing anything special) which is good because with this application I couldn't stand chips after few hours. As you can see on the bottle you get 12 mL  and pretty standard brush. It's regular price is 48 kn (for this shade and formula it's too much) but you can get it in special offer for 19 kn, which is more acceptable and maybe in other catalogs there will be some other price, you know how that changes from catalog to catalog.  Do you have any shade suggestions? Have you tried Avon nail polishes?

Disclaimer: I did not buy this product I got it at event. Every opinion stated in this post is honest and my own.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Project 365: Day 245-250

Week 36 :) little bit of everything :D didn't think much about photographing this week so this is more of a choice from random snaps :)

neutralni make up s naglasenim usnama

Day 245. Make up I had in One word tag video

skatula za sne

Day 246. Meni nitko ukrest nemore moju malu....

Day 247. Sunny morning

mokri otisak stopala

Day 248. Footprint

essence cetkica od laka za nokte

Day 249. Essence brush, still roughly cut :/


Day 250. Jawn ^_^


Day 251. Tops