Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dark and melted

 It seems I'm little slow on writing these days, so nothing extensive today just a nail polish swatch. This is Smart girls get more 67 and it's deep and dark chocolate brown. It looks almost black in many situations. 

sggm 67 tamno smedji lak za nokte

On both pictures there is three coats and a top coat. First one is in the shade and second one is in the sun. Drying time is average and you get 5 mL for 12 kn as with all SGGM polishes. It applies slightly patchy so I needed the third coat to even everything out. 

smart girls get more brown nail polish

This is not really a color I go for but my mother accidentally bought two bottles of this one so she gave it to me, since well you know that I don't have enough nail polishes ^_^ This one I'll probably wear when the weather gets a little colder and Autumn starts :) 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Project 365: Day 231-237

Week 34 Believe it or not, summer is coming to it's end and that makes me sad, but I hope Fall and Winter will be bringing interesting stuff to make up for the lack of swimming :D


Day 231. Flower, again you know I like to take pictures of those

kino na otvorenom

Day 232. Watching Looking for Eric

ščaža nakon zalaska sunca

Day 233. Calm and nice

Luka Gruž po danu

Day 234. Luka Gruž #1 daytime

Luka Gruž po noći

Day 235. Luka Gruž #2 nightime


Day 236. Another picture of clouds


Day 237. Feather

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ask me, I'll ask you/Pitaj me pitam te

I got tagged by Misty to answer a few questions and to ask a few people to answer some more questions :) This will be English/Croatian post 'cause today I am in the mood to translate ^_^

1. Jeste li ikad dobili ili dali otkaz? Kako je to prošlo? / Did you ever get fired? How did that go?
Nisam, treba prvo dobit posao da bi se mogao dobit prvi otkaz, a eto nadam se poslu ne otkazu XD / Nope, you first have to get hired to get fired, but I hope to get hired not fired XD
2. Da se možete izvući s jednim kaznenim djelom za koje nitko nikad ne bi saznao, što bi ste učinili?/ If you could get away with one criminal deed that nobody would know about, what would you do?
Hm, vjerojatno maznula veliku kolicinu love i pa se bacila na put svijetom / Probably steal large amount of money and then went to travel the world with it
3. Od čega vam instant može biti muka? /What instantly makes you nauseous?
Pa nisam bas osoba kojoj je cesto muka, mozda kakav krvavi masakr/ I'm not a person that's often nauseous, maybe a bloody massacre
4. Da možete biti kolač, koji bi ste bili? / If you could be a pastry which one would you be?
Nemam pojma cokoladni cupcake valjda to mi je prvo palo napamet/ I have no idea, chocolate cupcake, that first came to mind
5. S kojom ličnošću iz povijesti bi ste voljeli popiti kavu? / Which history person would you like to have coffee with?
Previse mi je ljudi palo na pamet, al izdvojila bi recimo Dostojevskog, da vidim kakve verbalne sposobnosti ima jedan od mojih omiljenih pisaca / Too many people came to mind, I'd choose Dostoyevsky too see the verbal skills of one of my favorite writers
6. Da se morate udati za lika iz crtića, koji bi to bio? /If you had to marry a cartoon character, which one would it be?
Jesu li likovi iz crtica za zenidbu XD Mozda Zekoslav Mrkva jer je kul i prvi mi pada na pamet :D / Are any of the cartoon characters marriable XD Maybe Bugs Bunny because he is cool and first comes to mind :D
7. Uz koju pjesmu ne možete odoljeti a da ne pjevate? / Which song you can't resist singing?
Ima ih puno, ne znam uopce koju bi izdvojila / There are many I don't even know which one to point out
8. Tko vam je bio najdraži prof u srednjoj? / Favorite teacher in high school?
Profesorica iz biologije, razrednica ujedno / Biology teacher
9. Koja vam je igračka bila najdraža kad ste bili jako mali? (do 7 godina) / Favorite toy when you were a kid (till 7 years old)
Sjecam se da sam imala plisanog jeza kojeg sam obozavala i nosila svuda sa sobom / I had a little stuffed hedgehog that I loved and carried everywhere with me
10. Koji događaj je bio najveća prekretnica u vašem životu? / What event was a turning point in your life?
Mislim da do sad nisam imala nekih velikih prekretnica, pretpostavljam najveci prijelaz je bila diploma / I don't think I've had big turning points, graduation from university was probably the biggest thing for now

Sad bi ja trebala postavljat pitanja i tagirat ljude, ali nemam inspiracije za pitanja, tako da ako zelite odgovorite na ova pitanja, ako ne bit ce neki drugi put :) / I should ask some questions and tag some people now but I have no inspiration for questions, so if you want to you can answer these questions, if you don't maybe some other time :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dorothy who, what, where?

 You've probably seen this one a million times but I could't resist showing it t you once more. This is first of my two China Glaze polishes and it's blue and I love it. 

china glaze nail polish

If you haven't guessed by now it's China Glaze Dorothy who? I bought it on Dani ljepote for 35 kn if I remember correctly, but you can get it now at Studio Di for 45 kn. You get 14 mL of nail polish for the price, I think it's still affordable :)

china glaze plavi lak za nokte

On both pictures there are three coats with top coat. This one is in the shade. I don't like that this one is that sheer you can see on the bottom picture that you can still see VNL but that makes it great for layering, and you can get different shades of blue with the same shimmer which is interesting :)

china glaze dorothy who in the shade

This is a combination of blue and silver glitter in jelly blue base, it's very sparkly in the sun. Drying time is average but I used fast drying top coat as usual :) It dries smooth not gritty like some glitters do. Do you have this nail polish? Which is your favorite China Glaze?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Project 365: Day 224-230

Week 33 in which my inspiration escaped and I hope it will return soon. 

vanjski termometar

Day 224. Above 30 in the shade

sulicna svjetiljka

Day 225. Street detail

kratki nokti

Day 226. Shorties (they are even shorter now one managed to break even more)

Day 227. :O

prazno skolsko igraliste

Day 228. Empty

dosadno mi je

Day 229. Bored, very bored

beach read

Day 230. Beach read #2

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Essence Big apple (Girls on tour lip & cheek creme)

Can I like not write anything just this once XD I know I can't ^_^ Few days ago on Facebook I promised that this review will go up soon, and well I'm getting better it's already up :D 

essence kremasto rumenilo i ruz

I present to you Essence Big apple from Girls on tour limited edition. This is a lip and cheek creme and if you want to match it's great to wear on both. This collection is currently available in dm stores. 

big apple na ruci

You get 2,5 g of product for around 23 kn. Here is a hand swatch on the left heavy application on the right lighter and more blended. 

girls on tour big apple na usnama

Lip swatches time :D on the left in the shade on the right in the sun. Light coral warm pink color that's great for summer. Light on the lips but it sinks in the lines, not very longlasting but it's not drying. 

kremasto rumenilo koraljno essence

Light application as a blush on the bare cheek (no foundation or concealer)

essence girls on tour rumenilo na obrazima

And a heavier application, also without any make up on. I must say that I prefer it as a blush and I bought it to use it as such, I wish it had more product since it has a dual use. I think this one will be finished rather quickly :( Did you get anything from this collection? How do you like this lip&cheek creme?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Catrice Princess peach and LOTD

This will be a 2 in 1 post, you get kind of lipstick review and a face of the day :)

catrice princess peach sa sjajilom

This is Catrice Princess peach with a little coral lipgloss, unfortunately I don't have a picture in the sun that is just of the lipstick. I like to wear it with a little lipgloss because formula is better that way and color is not changed. With Catrice lipsticks you get 4 g for about 35 kn, this one fortunately isn't discontinued in this fall change. 

catrice narancasti ruz

This is a picture in the shade and this is only Princess peach I didn't have lipgloss with me to reapply it. It's not very longlasting, it's creamy and for me it's a lighter true orange. I still don't always feel comfortable with the color but I'm accepting it. 

make up sa narancastim ruzem

And here is a look I paired with it. Most of the products used are discontinued :( so I won't write a specific list but if you want to know just ask in the comments :)

narancasti ruz narancasti nokti

And an extra, paired with my nails (Essence Hello summer), is it too matchy-matchy? ^_^

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Project 365: Day 217-223

Week 32, only 20 more to go :D Nice week overall I hope you like the pictures :D

svjetlo u mraku

Day 217. Light in the dark

horizont na moru

Day 218. Just horizon

ljubicasto cvijece

Day 219. Purple flowers

sveti ivan kroz otvor

Day 220. A classic, almost everyone who comes to Duibrovnik has a picture like this

Day 221. View from afar 


Day 222. Shadows

bengalke u noci

Day 223. Flares in the night

Saturday, August 10, 2013

So I'm not MIA my hard disc is

If you follow me on Facebook or on Twitter you might have seen that my hard disk broke and well probably most of my pictures with it, I don't know when I will repair it but I don't have some backup pictures that I prepared so you are stuck only with what I can photograph right now, and well my nails are not in the shape I want them to be but they will have to do. I'm grateful that I don't have to stop posting altogether and that I won't have to skip anything in Project 365. I meant to post something today but there was a storm here in Dubrovnik today and not exactly great pictures weather :( No pictures today but if you come tomorrow there will be a brand new Project 365 post :D

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Project 365: Day 210-216

 Week 31 people :D Started nicely could have had a better end though. We have 11 more weeks to go so stay tuned :D

more i kamen

Day 210. On the edge

manikura tirkizni glittter na bijelom laku

Day 211. Manicure for the day I haven't shown you in a while (Golden rose 04 Milky way+Essence Glorious aquarius)

jedrilica na moru

Day 212. Great weather for sailing not so much for swimming

coco breeze gazirani napitak s kokosom i ananasom

Day 213. Finally found it yummy :D

Day 214. My ear is acting up again X(

hrdjavi vijci

Day 215. Metal and rust 

cetvrti osmog dvijetisucetrinaeste

Day 216. August 4th 2013.

Friday, August 2, 2013

I am redy :D

 Red again :D but this time it's nail polish :D This is Eveline colour instant 603. I got it in a package from Irena. This is my first Eveline nail polish to try. 

eveline crveni lak za nokte

This is two coats with top coat in the shade. It's a red with a little bit of pink undertone and silver shimmer that gives it depth and shows in the sun. 

eveline swatch

Here it is in the sun, also two coats with top coat. You get 12 mL in the bottle for I think around 20 kn. In the picture below you can see that they have standard thin brush, which is ok for application. 

eveline cetkica laka za nokte

And that's it, have you tried Colour instant polishes? What do you think about this red? I like it it's kind of classic :)