Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Alverde Lust auf meer Leucht-turm lipstick

So few weeks ago I had an impulse purchase, another red lipstick :D But I really needed this one ^_^ This is a part of Alverde Lust auf meer limited edition which is still available in DM stores (so I'm not late with this post yay :D) and it's called Leucht-turm and it has a number 30. 

alverde crveni ruz, ljetna kolekcija

Google translate tells me that the meaning of the name is Lighthouse and I'd say it's appropriate they are sometimes red or have a red light :) 

alverde crveni ruz

Here is a picture of lipstick in the tube, both pictures above are shot in natural light and lipstick in the tube looks a little darker than in person. I don't know how many grams you get because it doesn't say on the lipstick but the price is 29,90 kn. 

alverde lust auf meer lipstick

Here is the lipstick on my lips shot in the shade. It's a warm toned red  with an orange undertone. It's not super pigmented which I like and wanted something that I can just slap on when I go to the beach. When I want a full color I use similar shade of lip pencil underneath. 

crveni ruz s narancastim podtonom

And here is a picture in the sun. It can be slightly uneven but when I rub my lips it evens out. It has a little heavy and protecting feel on the lips which I find kind of strange since it's a summer collection but that makes it last better in the sun and sea (if you want to). It doesn't survive eating especially anything greasy but no lipstick survives that. All in all I'm glad I got this lipstick other two colors in this collection weren't interesting to me, this year I'm not much into orange lipstick. I hope you are not too hot these days and that you are having a good time :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Project 365: Day 203-209

Week 30. Temperatures are HIGH and what can I do but go to the beach :) Hope you like the pictures this week :)

Day 203. Stradun, I can't believe that I didn't show you a picture of it before

nakon zalaska sunca

Day 204. After sunset

reefs dubrovnic

Day 205. Grebeni

two glasses

Day 206. Blogocoffee :D


Day 207. Heat

make up za izlazak ljubicasta i tirkizna

Day 208. Remake of turquoise purple look, I've found a good purple pencil swatch review soon I hope

rozi cvijet

Day 209. Pretty pink flower

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Top 5 blue cremes

Manicure I wore for the past two days and probably my favorite 5 blue cremes :D

plavi ombre nokti

From left to right Catrice It's all I can blue, H&M Blue my mind, Essence Electric blue (swatch coming), Catrice Shopping day at Bluemingdales and Golden Rose Rich color 16. Have a nice rest of the weekend :D

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dusty orange

In May I went to Depend presentation at Kozmo and there I got this nail polish to try out. It's Depend 384. And it's an orange nail polish with a slight dustiness in it. 

narancasti lak za nokte

On both pictures there are two coats without top coat. This is a picture in the shade

orange nail polish

And this is a picture in the sun. It's not my first Depend nail polish and I already showed you swatches of rest of the bunch (I still have few new ones to show you) and this is as expected 5 mL for 15 kn I think ^_^  for these regular nail polishes. The consistency is really good and this one applies really easily which is not very common among orange shades. Two coats are enough if you put really thin coats you may need a third one to hide the nail line. Some of the previous Depend polishes chipped on me really fast but in combination with my current base coat (KillyS) they last longer, still not super long but enough until I get bored and decide to change the color :) That's it for today, do you have any shade recommendations from Depend?
Disclaimer: I did not buy this product I got it at Kozmo event. Every opinion stated in this post is honest and my own.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Essence Guerilla gardening Floral glam cream blush

When I heard that Essence Guerilla gardening collection will be available in DM stores I was really excited because I knew that I would be able to hunt down the red blush that I wanted but couldn't get when I bought the pink one. My review of the Mission flower (pink blush) is here.

essence cream to powder blush

All of the shots in this post are shot in natural lightning. Picture of the packaging, plastic and see-through, nice but probably couldn't take many falls, but I try to keep mine safe.  

essence crveno kremasto rumenilo

This is a nice red color, not to bright not too dark, perfect for trying to achieve the Snow White look :)

floral glam rumenilo lagano naneseno

Floral glam lightly applied on bare face, no foundation or anything else. This blush, as well as Mission flower last pretty well even on the bare face in these heats, They aren't longlasting but you will get few hours out of them. 

essence kremasto rumenilo na licu floral glam

And heavier application still on the bare face.  This one is also around 18 kn for 2,5 grams of  product. 

floral glam na ruci

And a hand swatch, lightly applied on the left, heavier application on the right. 

kist za kremasta rumenila

And this is the blush brush I use to apply all my cream blushes with I thought it would be interesting for you to see it since I mentioned in the Mission flower post too. I hope you were able to get at least one of these, you still could and if you want any of them I hope you find some untouched ones, lately I only saw ones with fingerprints in them :/ Have a nice day :) 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Project 365: Day 196-202

Week 29 in which you don't get to see the beach (you are welcome :)) but there is other interesting stuff :)


Day 196. Dinner :D (yes I'm still trying to make you jealous :P)

mjesecina na moru

Day 197. Moonlight (bad bad picture quality I know)

Day 198. Trying to make some videos ;)

slomljeno ogledalo

Day 199. I broke my favorite mirror :(

Day 200. Zastava, I haven't seen one of these in a while

bijeli zec

Day 201. A girl took her pet rabbit out for a walk and of course it was an attraction 


Day 202. A braid 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Warm purple

Today a quick one :) This is Smart girls get more 87 and it's a warm dark purple with silver shimmer and tiny blue and pink specks (shimmer). 

sggm 87

Here is two coats in the shade without top coat. I think this shade is part of the regular range but I'm not 100% sure. I probably wouldn't pick it up myself but I'm glad to have it, it will be nice to wear in autumn :)

smart girls get more purple nail polish

And this one is in the sun so you can see the shimmer and warmness of the color. Drying time is quite regular, fast dry top coat would definitely help, 5 mL usual (but shorter brush), around 11 kn. Nothing special to say about it any more I think swatches speak for themselves :) Well off I go now :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer stash reveal

So remember Summer stash post, unfortunately nobody guessed right, the right number was 105, some of you were close, some were far so I decided to use to draw a winner for a little token of appreciation for reading me and playing this guessing game with me.

sto pet lakova za nokte

These two are discontinued now and I wanted to give them away to someone to have because they are one of my long time favorites. It's Catrice London weather forecast and Essence I'm bluetiful :)

dva laka

There were 19 of you that entered your guesses so I made an excel spreadsheet in order you commented and chose number 4 :) 

So Nail crazy is the lucky winner. I'll send you an email :) For the rest better luck next time :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Project 365: Day 189-195

Week 28.  in which things slowed down a bit. We opened up 64. Dubrovnik summer festival and it's already middle of the summer, time really flies by. 

deset lakova za nokte

Day 189. Newbies I got from Irena

zalazak sunca na dancama

Day 190. Different beach, watching the sunset

Day 191. I'm going to squish the sun :D

Day 192. Changing colors


Day 193. Mother is brewing some walnut spirits

more po buri slika

Day 194. Only proper painting I ever made and it was in  fourth grade XD but I still love it

oblacno nebo

Day 195. Fluffy clouds

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Misslyn Royal blue

I'm still looking for a number over here. Some answers were close, but still not correct. 
Well now onto the interesting things for today pictures :D Today I have for you swatches of Misslyn velvet diamond nail polish in 85 Royal blue. 

misslyn plavi glitter lak za nokte

Do I even need to say it? I am utterly in love with this polish. On all pictures there are two coats of nail polish and all are without top coat. I need to say this one is gorgeous with and without top coat, now I don't have pictures with top coat but I'm sure I'll sneak one in in future posts :)

kraljevsko plavi glitter lak za nokte

Both of the pictures above are shot in the shade and I couldn't pick just one :) This polish dries really quickly and is perfectly opaque in two coats I love glitters like that. You get 10 mL of nail polish in the bottle for about 45 kn and a regular thin but not too thin brush. It's not the cheapest of polishes but for me it's well worth the money :)

misslyn diamond lakovi za nokte

And this is a picture in the sun, you can see it's grittiness better than on the picture in the shade. and the color is truer to life it's a deep gorgeous blue, just the type of color I adore :D

A little blurry pic in the sun just so you can see how it sparkles :D 

royal blue na plazi

And obligatory beach picture :P You can see it's already chipped but after a long stay in the sea it hangs on pretty nicely most of my polishes chip much more badly than this :) So do you have any of the Misslyn velvet diamond polishes? I have my eye on the black one but I'm still waiting for some cheaper versions  to see if they ill have a black one :) 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer stash

So how many nail polishes do you think an addict needs for 2 months of summer?

lakovi za nokte

Can you guess? I miss my base coat and top coat on this picture and some of the new polishes I got today but you'll see those on Sunday. Who knows correct answer might be awarded ;)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Project 365: Day 182-188

Week 27, very busy, interesting, some shopping, some sun, some rain :) Hope yours was a good one :)

fantastic zagreb

Day 182. Mystery man (Fantastic Zagreb)

Day 183. Finally caught Electric blue

zeljezne zvijezde

Day 184. Staring at a ceiling full of stars

Day 185. Yummy cupcake

ledena kava

Day 186. Ice coffee, real treat at these temperatures 

kisa na staklu

Day 187. Sudden rain caught me out of nowhere

duga u dubrovniku

Day 188. Another sudden rain but with this one came a rainbow :D