Sunday, June 30, 2013

Project 365: Day 175-181

And week 26 we are exactly half way through this project and this year :) I can't believe I've stuck for this long, now I just have to keep on going :)

na plazi

Day 175. Today I'm not doing anything :D (I'll torture you with beach pictures this summer :D) 

cvijece na rasvjetnim stupovima

Day 176. Flower arrangements on street lights

Day 177. Beach read, still this year XD I hope I'll finish it soon

rua i ivo zaljubljeni par

Day 178. Kid's love ^_^

izlazak sunca iz autobusa

Day 179. Travelling

roza haljina crne balerinke

Day 180. Outfit 

cvijet sa svadbene torte

Day 181. Wedding cake decoration :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Essence Mission flower cream blush

I promised I;ll write this up, I promised to post it a while ago but just got around to it, I'm trying to make it up to you buy posting a bunch of pictures. 

essence kremasto rumenilo guerilla gardening

Here is a review of Essence Guerilla gardening blush called Mission flower, this picture is in the artificial light and it's not very accurate. You get 2,5 g for I think around 25 18 kn. I don't know will this collection be available in some other stores I got this one a while ago in Muller. 

essence cream to powder blush

This one is in natural lightning and it's much truer to life but it has my fingers in it because I wasn't patient enough to wait. 

mission flower blush

Here is a swatch on the hand on the left is blended and on the right is heavily applied. It blends nicely and you can build up the color if you want to. Staying power is nice but don't expect miracles. After some time it drys on the cheeks which is expected since it's cream to powder blush.

essence rumenilo lagano stavljeno

Here it is on my bare face lightly applied, excuse the lack of concealer, mascara and everything else I was just swatching not going anywhere. 

mission flower intenzivniji nanos

And here it is again on my bare face but heavily applied. All the pictures except the first one are in natural lightning. Here you can only se a glimpse of Mission flower lip cream which I've already reviewed (you can click on the link to read that post). I've been wearing it quite a lot since I got it I apply it with a smaller blush brush (one of the old Essence ones) and I am satisfied with the effect. Did you get any of the blushes from this collection, I really wanted the red one too but when I got to the stand it was already sold out :(

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Project 365: Day 168-174

Week 25, busy but nice :) I got over 100 Pinterest followers this week thank you all :D oh and a 100 Bloglovin' followers :D

tayin paketic

Day 168. I got Taya's package from her giveaway


Day 169. Picture in my room I've always liked this one

Day 170.  Out of focus

veliki mjesec

Day 171. Not the closest or full but still close :D

cetvoro ljudi gleda zalazak sunca

Day 172. I'm watching, they are watching :)

crkva u rozatu na ombli

Day 173. On the other side of the river

prsten s flejkijima

Day 174. Close up of the ring

Friday, June 21, 2013

Just a little

I'm a terrible blogger lately XD

dubrovnik adriatic plaza

I hope you don't mind :)

banje plaza dubrovnik

I'm kind of busy :D

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Velvet rose

Unfortunately these are discontinued and I just found out few days ago about that. I hope new range will be as good as this one. I'm glad that I got this polish before it disappeared. This is Rimmel Velvet rose.

On the pictures there are two coats without top coat and this one is in the shade. It's warm dusty pink color which I think compliments my skin tone nicely :) Really nice brush and texture it dries really quickly on it's own. 

And this is in the sun. This is one of the "work proper" or "interview proper" nail polishes and I'm definitely be wearing this one a lot. Do you have it and do you like it? I hope your week is going good, I'm waiting for a call which is not coming, keep your fingers crossed I need all the luck I can get :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Project 365: Day 161-167

Week 24 :) I'm little low on both pictures and posts front, but I have something and that's what is important :)  It's been a fun week for me if I forget the cold I had, I hope it was for you too :)

Day 161. Taking a photo

Day 162. Purple reign mattified, proper swatches soon I hope

vrt rektorata u dubrovniku

Day 163. University of Dubrovnik rectorate garden


Day 164. Cheers >.<


Day 165. Textured

rozi make up

Day 166. Essence Mission flower lip cream over Bipa Bonbon lip pencil make up look


Day 167. Hedgehog (cutie :D)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Catrice Matt about pink

One of the new additions to the Catrice lipstick is this beauty it's called Matt about pink and I'm already mad about it :D It's pretty similar to another favorite of mine Colour bomb from Revoltaire LE, I will have a comparison some other time :) 

ruz za usne catrice koraljni

This is how the Matt about pink looks in the shade. It's pigmented bright coral lipstick that leans on the pink side. These contain 3.8 g of lipstick for about 34kn. This lipstick has a tendency to accentuate dry patches so prepare your lips before application. Good thing is that even though its not very moisturizing it doesn't dry out my lips any further. 

rozi mat koraljni ruz

And this is how it looks in the sun. This is one of my go to colors for summer, even when I'm just going to the beach without any other make up on it makes me feel put together :) 

coral lips make up look

Here is how I wore it one day. Pretty minimal on the rest of the face, just a quick look for running errands around the town. So do you have this Catrice lipstick? Any other corals to recommend

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Project 365: Day 154-160

Busy busy busy, week 23. 

kavijar akcent manikura tamnoplava

Day 154. With and without top coat, rare occasion for the right hand to show

osuncano drvo

Day 155. Sunshine in the tree

novo kupljeno lendoxia

Day 156. New in :ashamed: : needtostop: 


Day 157. Something with flags, this one seemed interesting

priprema za izlazak

Day 158. Preparing for a night out

tamno plavo svjetlo apstraktna

Day 159. Abstract 

mekano svjetlo

Day 160. Blank

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NOTD: Blue caviar accent mani

And for my 300th published post (on this blog) I decided to be lazy and only publish a photo of a mani I'm wearing right now. ^_^ 

kavijar manikura tamno plava

This was my first time trying to do anything with small beads and it was quite easy to get them properly on the nail, but they get EVERYWHERE. I bought the beads from Studio Di on Dani ljepote fair for 10 kn. They are purplish in the container but when topped with top coat they turn into this dark blue. I will be making a full mani one day, I'll show you when I do. And the dark blue is Deborah  03 mat,  which is in my collection for a very long time topped with top coat :) Have you tried caviar mani? 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Project 365: Day 147-153

 Week 22, weather is dreadful and that means more indoor pictures, I hope upcoming days mean more sun and heat I'm not used to freezing in July :/

tre metri sopra il cielo

Day 147. I'm a little annoyed that it's not finished, but I love that someone decided to write it I watched the movie again this week (spanish version, it's better)

Day 148. Rustic wood and stone

Day 149. Detail from a wall 

Day 150. Bronzer that I meant to include into Seven deadly sins tag but I liked it so much that I wanted to put it here

Day 151. In Muller but I resisted buying anything, good for me (that day) :D

killys regenerating base coat essence btgn fast dry

Day 152. Currently using in case you were wondering

tjestenina sa sirom

Day 153. Late lunch/ early dinner, pasta with cheese

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Random pictures

You know I'm doing Project 365 (post is coming up tomorrow) but now I'm left over with some pictures  (since I snap so many to get some good ones) that I cannot share within the project but would really like to share with you. I hope you like them :)

kineski simboli

narancasti ruzin pupoljak

vaza sa susenim cvijecem

uspavana maca

sunce koje probija kroz oblake


bell tower in split