Thursday, February 28, 2013

Green look

I don't wear green often, but when I do it's on the eyes (that way I can't see it XD). I did this look almost three weeks ago so I don't exactly remember everything I used and most of the products are already discontinued anyway. But if you want to do something similar you can always find similar products :)

green on blue eyes

I really wanted to use bright green all over the lid and to add a little depth I used medium dark green eyeshadow in the crease. I usually refrain from anything dark under my eyes because it can make them smaller or gather in my wrinkles but I think it works well here with the bright top part. 

zelena na plavim ovima

 Not the best picture but you can see how it looks with (partly) closed eyes. I didn't use much of blush or intense color on the lips since I wanted all of the attention on the eyes. 

zeleni look za spustene kapke

And here is the eye close up so you can see better all the colors. I used a dark green pencil on my waterline but it didn't stay on for long because my eyes get teary a lot. How do you like the look? What would you change? 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ogledalo Beauty blog day 2013

As I've already told you on Saturday I went to the first Croatian Beauty Blog day which was organized by online magazine Ogledalo

In the morning after we came and registered we had some coffee and mingled around. Then it was time for the introduction and the lectures. We learned about Google Analytics from Damir Podhorski from Escapestudio and about managing our Facebook pages from Mia Biberović from Pingpong dvosmjerne komunikacije. We also had presentations from 

Batiste, we saw how to do it dry and I and Cydonia also had a chat about ingredients in their dry shampoo on their stand. 

One of the partners of the event was Kozmo drugstore :)

Only decorative cosmetics was this lollipops stand and I've tried some of their eye pencils, you can see some of the swatches. 

They have some interesting colors of nail polish, but since I didn't have a remover I didn't try them. 

Vichy had a presentation about skincare and we could test our skin with this little device on the picture. To me it confirmed that I have combination skin and I was very pleased to hear that my skin is very well hydrated (yay for that :D )

Also there was a presentation about cellulite and Somatoline products. 

After all the presentations there was lots of yummy food, dalmatinska pašticada was my favorite. By the poll of all of the beauty bloggers Vesna from Beauty addict (now Beauty and mess ) was selected as the best blogger, congratulations Vesna :) We ate some cake and talked about a lot of things until it was time to go. The whole day we smelled of Diesel Loverdose which is a little too sweet for me but it has a nice base, it's more of going out perfume for me.  

And all of the bloggers in one place, picture from Beauty Blog Day Croatia Facebook page. This was a lot of fun I hope we see each other next year :D

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Project 365: Day 49-55

This would be week number 8, little all over the place but the end says it all...


Day 49. Pancakes nom

lendoxia noviteti

Day 50. New in

stara slika

 Day 51. Vintage detail

slovo b

Day 52. Be

nacrtano srce

Day 53. I've rediscovered my color pencils

beauty blog day hrvatska

Day 54. Ana from Ogledalo on Beauty Blog day

slika a photo

Day 55. Just a photo

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Steel my soul

I'm off to Beauty blog day so just a quick post today, you will read more about today next week but today I'm showing you Catrice Steel my soul, and as most of the colors from the Catrice range it's discontinued in this recent change so if you like it get it while you still can. 

mat taupe lak sa zlatnim shimmerom

This is two coats without top coat in natural light in both pictures. It dries to a gritty finish and if you want to smooth it out it needs at least two coats of top coat because it's "thirsty". It's a taupe color with gold shimmer. 

catrice mat lak

It's a calm color but it's really interesting with the shimmer and unusual finish. Snow has fallen again tonight  and everything is white I just hope that this is the last snow of the year it's been enough :D That's it for today :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

10 Kryolans

I've told you that I have some Kryolan nail polish swatches for you and I kind of delayed that a little because there was quite a lot of picture editing involved, but today I finally did it and here they are. I've tried to pick the best but I'm not satisfied with all of them. 

Here are the ten polishes that I chose to swatch, their names from left to right: Magical, Fashionable, Extreme, Marvelous, Sensually, Lovely, Classy, Charming, Graceful and Thrilling. 

 In the same name order there are each of them on one nail :) Shot under artificial light and with top coat. My polishing wasn't very good so I tried to clean up as much as I could when I got home I hope you won't mind all the mistakes. I've ruined some of those by bumping something before they were dry XD 

This is the right hand in the natural lightning, with top coat. All of these except Graceful (ring finger) need two coats and Graceful needs three because it's not as opaque. 

And the left hand these are all two coats with top coat, my favorites are the first four. All the polishes I've tried dry pretty quickly and I suppose that would be even quicker if I had a fast drying top coat. Kryolan for now does have a base coat and a matte top coat, but no regular one. Since they are still not available to buy (but you can try them at Kryolan showroom) the correct price for these nail polishes is not yet known but I hope that it won't be too high. So which one is your favorite?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pur pur purple

Purple, who doesn't like it :D Today I'm showing you Manhattan 67N, medium creme purple. It seems plain and boring but I really like to wear it. 

manhattan purple nail polish

Two coats with top coat in natural lightning. It has a good formula, nice application, dries pretty quickly. It would be more perfect only if it was a one coater. Some people complain that Manhattan doesn't last on them but I don't have that problem, maybe some wear on the tips but by that time I'm usually taking it off any way.  

purple nail polish

Two coats, no top coat in the shade. This is an older picture, I've had this one for a while and tried to swatch it properly but until now I was never satisfied with pictures. The real color is closer to the second picture, maybe not so dusty ( I didn't have enough light then). Well now keep your fingers crossed that I don't fall to sleep just yet I'm trying to go back to normal ^_^

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Project 365: Day 42-48

Lots of reading marked this week and that's not very interesting to photograph, but I managed to get 7 pictures :D

snowy landscape

Day 42. Something somewhere 

kava i knjiga

Day 43. Routine

lice prekriveno rukom

Day 44. Not today

izbuseni srce balon

Day 45. Brokenhearted ( I tried to inflate it and it blew up in my face XD)

drvce sa srcima

Day 46. Heart tree

lista stvari za napravit

Day 47. I'm always making lists


Day 48. Bubbles :D

Saturday, February 16, 2013

You are mint to be

I know this post is kind of late, but my sleeping schedule is askew again so  I just managed to write it up.  Lately it seems to me that I write only about discontinued polishes, but Essence and Catrice change their product range so often that everything is soon discontinued. Now we are saying goodbye to (almost) all of the Catrice shades and getting new ones. Enough of rambling onto the nail polish. This is Catrice Am I blue or green.

mint nail polish

It's a pastel mint color that leans more on the blue side and it has white microshimmer that doesn't show up on the nails. This is the picture that I've played around with colors and I think it's color accurate here. 

svijetli plavo zeleni lak

On all pictures there are three thin coats with top coat. I can see why they discontinued this one, it has a bad formula, dries pretty slowly, fast drying top coat can help but you still have to be careful not to dent it. It's chalky and leaves bald spots so you have to be careful with the application. 

mint creme nail polish

Sometimes I need three, sometimes four coats it depends on how careful I am but I've never managed to apply it properly in only two. It's a nice color and I like to wear it when I have the time to apply it properly and leave it to dry. Do you have it and what do you think about it?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Red lips

I'm not one of those who celebrate Valentine's day but my one essential to somehow make an effort is to wear red lipstick on the day. So this is a perfect day to present you Kryolan LCP650 since it is the newest addition to my collection.

lcp650 red

I've somehow managed not to try it before I took pictures, but this one is in artificial light and I've played around with editing. Best representation of it's color is on the lip pictures. 

crveni ruz koji pristaje svima

In natural lightning. This lipstick has a combo of pink and orange shimmer which is not visible on the lips as a shimmer but it gives nice uniform color that has a shiny but not glossy finish. I think because of this combo it suits all undertones and at Kryolan event we heard that this is their lipstick that looks good on everyone. I would just add one thing, this lipstick makes my teeth look SO white. They are not particularly white usually but with this they look pearly white. 

kryolan red lipstick

This is how the lipstick looks in natural light. It accentuates paleness of my complexion but I like that Snow White look. The lipstick is very pigmented and creamy, it applies nicely so you can wear it from full on to sheered out. It's not drying on the lips but it stays really well. 

red lipsitck for all undertones

And here it is under artificial light, where because of yellow light it looks like it has more orange in. So which lipstick are you wearing today? What is your favorite red lipstick? If you have Valentine's plans I hope everything goes smoothly :)

Disclaimer: I did not buy this product I got it at Kryolan event. Every opinion stated in this post is honest and my own.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Random post

Today it's little bit of everything because I kind of am not very coherent and it's better that I don't write too much ^_^

This is an ancient one its Wild berry sorbet from Creamylicious Essence limited edition and it's around 4 or 5 years old. Thankfully almost finished :D

This is Iq Cosmetics Star from their mat lipstick line. I still haven't purchased it, just tried the tester and I really like it and it's definitely on my shopping list as are some of other shades.

This is an oldie but I love this sunset. I've made it in Dubrovnik in January. The sea reminds me of Mac Factors Fantasy fire with the combo of dark blue and coppery color combo. It's snowing over here and I really hope it will stop soon I don't want any more winter. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Project 365: Day 35-41

Another week of struggling with inspiration, but it was a good week :)

neonska lampa

Day 35. Light! Cool effect isn't it?


Day 36. Sometimes your inspiration just swooooshes by

lendoxia potroseni proizvodi

Day 37. Empties, repurchasing everything that's still available except Neutrogena hand creme 

naljepnica bomba

Day 38. Exactly how I felt that day

kryolan lakovi

Day 39. First you pick out your favorites

kroz casu pive

Day 40. Beer goggles 

prazna ljuljacka

Day 41. Bring me back to childhood