Thursday, November 29, 2012

Glitter or not, oh my :)

I'm all about polish lately, well so at last another Essence nail polish from the standard range finally made it's way over here and it's Oh my glitter! This is a purple nail polish with small specks of pink and blue which give it an interesting look and more depth.

This is a swatch in sunlight without top coat, on the pictures there are four coats, you could get away with three. Two is for me too little because it's quite sheer and can leave some bald spots. 

Hope you can see the specks on this one. Even though it needs a lot of coats it's ok because it dries pretty quickly, with fast drying top coat even quicker. 

And this is the picture in the shade, also without top coat so you can see how shiny it is. I'm glad I bought this one I don't have that many purples and I like them so this was a nice addition. The name doesn't sound appropriate for this nail polish, but hey it happens, maybe some day they will learn ^_^

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

No I can't get enough

Every once in a while I crave for pink nail polish, so last night I've put this Butterfly pink and decided to top it with my old favorite Just can't get enough top coat from Essence and their limited edition Re-mix your style. This is no longer available but I think that one of the regular top coats is the same or very similar to this one

It has smaller and bigger holo particles, here it is in natural lightning with top coat

And these two pictures are in the artificial lightning. You can better see the sparkles in the bottle than on the nail it's little stubborn like that :)

What do you think about it? Most of the day I didn't have any internet connection, luckily it was fixed or I would be very angry. Now I have to catch up on reading everything :) It's almost December and holidays are approaching I feel like I should plan some special manicures, when will you start?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Two cremes

These two aren't my typical colors that I wear but for the diversity I have them in my stash and I've grown to accept them :)

This is Catrice Berlin from the first Big city life collection. Two coats, with top coat in the sun

And this is in the shade. This is supposedly a dupe for Essie In stitches but looking at the swatches on the net I wouldn't say they are exactly dupes.

And S-he 501 I didn't want to make a separate post for this one since I'm not sure if it stayed during the change of packaging. They do still have a brown nail polish, but I'm not the sure it's exactly the same shade. This is a pure dark chocolate brown. A little thin so in the pictures there are three coats to even everything out with top coat in natural lightning. Which one do you like more?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Barrie let's talk it's time

Today I have a manicure that for me also has that autumn feel. I started with Catrice Let's talk about Barrie. It's a nice berry color which turns out a little too light and too red in these pictures but my camera doesn't want to do better. 

This is two coats with top coat in natural lightning. This is a standard Catrice formulation which I won't talk about a lot because this beauty is discontinued. 

 This is in artificial lightning

And for finishing off this manicure I've put up Essence Time for romance, which is silvery rose glitter in a light berry base with tiny specks of holo microglitter. This baby luckily survived the change of the packaging and you can still get it if you like it. Well that's it for today I am in a hurry for a job interview, wish me luck :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What I like about autumn

There is not much, but sometimes, every once in a while there is a beautiful day and then everything looks

like this. I like it so much that it's my wallpaper picture

and the leaves are changing color. 

And benches around the city are so nice to sit on and look around. 

Then there is my favorite scarf 

and some pretty purple flowers. Thinking positive every once in a while :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Blues in the night

I definitely wasn't planning on posting this today, but I had to treat myself to something after drawing blood this morning and I hate that. So I went to Golden Rose store and picked this beauty which I wanted after I saw some swatches of it. 

Full name of this one is Golden Rose Rich color number 16, no name :sigh: this beauty definitely deserves a name. It's almost a one coater it probably is if you are careful, but I'm used to two coats so on the pictures there are two coats with top coat. First pic is in natural lightning

And the second one is in artificial. The formula is ok maybe on the thicker side but it applies really well. It dries quickly and you get 10,5 mL in the bottle for the price of 20 kn. The brush isn't regular but it's little wider and slightly rounded

A view from the side and from the top

If you are afraid it might be too bit, it isn't. Here is a comparison with my pinky finger. And strangely I think that in this picture is the most color accurate, it lacks a little bit of purple in the first pictures. I have too many blues as you all know but this one is unique in my stash :D While I was in the stores I saw some other pretty shades from this collection if I were that naughty I would pick another three or four colors because I really like this line.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Protect me Jacob

You probably know that Twilight saga breaking dawn part 2 collection from Essence is currently in our Dm and Kozmo stores, so I picked up the blush which everyone adores because it's so gorgeous and this nail polish. This is Jacob's protection and it's a blue shimmer drowned in a black base.

This is two coats in natural lightning. It dries kind of ruff as you can see and it's a thirsty nail polish.

It took me three coats of top coat to get it this smooth and shiny as it is in this picture. The brush is wide and rounded. The consistency is kind of thick and you need a lot of polish on the brush constantly so you don't leave bald spots. 

With top coat in artificial lightning. It dries pretty quickly but it also chips quickly. I was a little disappointed because it looks better in the bottle. Also I think it looks better on the swatches than in real life. I didn't need another black nail polish, but since I got it I'll use it up :) Haw you read Twilight series should I give it a try? I've been proudly refusing it for a while now, but since I don't have a lot to do lately I'm considering it. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

In the clouds

For a while I wanted to do this cloud manicure and I finally did it :)

Both pics are in natural lightning and with top coat. I used Maybelline Party blue (discontinued now if I'm correct :( ) and Essence stamp me white for sponging on the clouds. 

Do you like the manicure? I am still wearing it and it really brightens my day in this grey weather.  It is really easy to do but it looks really special. Let me know what you think I hope you have a good week :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A lovely secret

 Essence if you are ever planning on bringing any of the discontinued shades back, this is a really good choice :) This is A lovely secret and it was discontinued in the latest products change.

It is a beautiful light blurple with small flecks that shine pink in certain lightning. It doesn't show up very well on camera, you can see a hint of it in the second picture. 

First two pics are two coats with top coat in the sun. 

And this one is in the shade. I don't know what to say about this one any more since it's not in the shops anymore. If you find it somewhere by accident get it and hold it precious :D

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blue Valentine manicure

This week I decided to participate in the forum contest because the theme was movie inspired nails. I immediately thought of Blue Valentine and blue manicure with hearts on it. I love Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams in this movie. They both gave stunning performances and even though it's not the easiest film to watch at times I really loved it. 

I used L.A.Girl Deejay as a base and Deborah Mat 03 for stamping with one of the Essence stamping plates. 

Both pictures are with top coat on in natural lightning. I've slightly messed up the pinky finger because I had to stamp it multiple times to get the positioning of the hearts right. Do you like it? Have you seen the movie and what do you think about it?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Perfect for autumn

In my book this one is a real winner :) It's new Maybelline Colorama number 145. This is the new range and as far as I know it came to Muller stores for now, but I'm sure that in the future it will be available in other places. 

This is two coats without top coat and shot in the shade. As you can see it's really shiny :) It's a dark red with amazing gold shimmer which shows up really nicely on the nails. This is one of those shades which I will probably repurchase when I finish it.

This is a picture in the sun, it's little overexposed but you can notice the gold shimmer. In this new range you get 7 mL of nail polish for a price of around 20 kn. This is the only one I bought so far but I'm really satisfied with it. It has a standard thin brush. 

Also a sunny picture but I think this is a better one and you can see the real color of this one in the bottle. The consistency of this polish is good and it dries fast even without top coat, though I do use it for additional shine.

This type of color reminds me of China and Japan so I had to add some symbols which are badly stamped but since I did it I thought why not show them to you.  Have you tried any of the new Colorama polishes and  do you have any suggestions what should I check out next?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Book reviews

First as you can see I've changed my design since I couldn't make the old one do what I wanted so you and I both will have to get used  to this one. As Nailcrazy requested pictures will be bigger from now on :) now I only have to go back trough all the posts and adjust them. (did that, my hand hurts from all the clicking) There will be more changes in the future but I'm still working on that ^_^ Now onto the post that was planned before this interruption.

I don't know will I make this a regular thing, but lately I am writing up reviews for the books that I read on Goodreads, you can check me out there, but for those who don't have an account there I thought it would be nice to share some of them over here since you liked the Fifty shades review. I won't publish ever review I write over here just the ones I see fit. :) As always some spoilers ahead so if you are really excited about reading some of these books it might be wise to stay away ;)

Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1)Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In general sense of style and some parts of story very similar to 50 shades. But I think the storyline is more interesting here and it's written slightly better, there is no repetitiveness and cheap descriptions of sex, in fact they are very sparse. Characters are much more normal and there is no abusiveness and Travis although protective is not stalkerish or too much over the top. If you want a quick read it's not a bad choice to try.

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Where Rainbows EndWhere Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In the end I liked this book, but in the beginning I really struggled with the style. Writing everything in form of notes, letters, emails and IMs is innovative but it's hard to read, and for someone who is interested in characters like I am it's not enough, you don't know how they look like, how their surroundings look like. You just get a peak into their conversations and what they want to share with other people, which you know it's not always honest and doesn't tell the whole story about someone. For the story I think Rosie and Alex should have gotten together much earlier and if someone had that relationship in real life they would figure it out much earlier. Like this although it's seemingly a happy end I don't think it is. They basically spent so much time apart and now they have so little time left to enjoy each other, they can't have their own family now, they went over their big hurdles in life without being really there for each other. Yes they were friends and they wrote to each other, but it's not the same as a real conversation and a hug.
For Rosie as a character, I feel sorry for her, she is like a poster girl for everything going wrong in life and I think maybe the author overdid it a little bit, maybe I'm looking from a different perspective but I don't see it as very real.

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Dubrovnik 2.0

I promise last pic spam from Dubrovnik for this year, but the weather was so nice and I really like the pictures so I have to show them to you

My last day on the beach was 24 of October and it was really amazing. I love it when there are very few people and no fuss around then it's perfect to enjoy :D Well now we just have to survive at least five months of winter XD

Friday, November 2, 2012

Just so you know

I'm the boss! over here. Which is the name of the Essence nail polish I'm showing you today. I've bought these new color&go nail polishes a while ago but I'm never very quick with the swatches. 

So this is two coats without top coat in artificial lightning. How shiny is that? This is a medium gray nail polish with silver sort of glitter and little bit of blue glass flecks

 And this is with top coat, only a little bit smoother and shinier. I like the formula of this, not to thick not too thin and it dries so quickly it's insane.

In the new bottles you get 8 mL of nail polish and the new brush is wider and more rounded. Some are not that very well cut but I like them and they minimize amount of cleanup. 

These two pictures are in natural lightning with top coat and I think that the last one is probably more accurate since the first one has a slight blue tint. Was this nail polish one of your choices from this collection?