Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blue stripes

I was contacted by KKcenterhk and asked if I wanted to review some of their products and of course I agreed so they sent me three things. First you will see today and the other two in some of the next post I have yet to create manicures with them. 

So the first product is this blue striping tape as you can see on the picture. You get 180 cm of thin striping tape that is sticky and then you can use it as a decoration or to create interesting designs layering multiple polishes. Price of the one tape is 0.90 $ which is really cheap in my opinion. You can find it on KKcenterhk page under nail art decorations and the item number is JR1038

Since this is my first time using any kind of tape I decided to use it in the simplest way. I just painted my nails with Essence My boyfriends jeans and added the tape to imitate kind of french manicure and sealed everything with a top coat. 

When applying a top coat be careful not to go over the tape with a brush too many times because the color can come off.  Also be careful that you don't leave too long ends on the sides of nails because then they can peel away easily. I'm looking forward to using this tape in more manicures like some color blocking or something similar. 

Disclaimer: Some of the products in this post were sent to me for a review. Every opinion stated in this post is honest and my own

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pink and roll

At first I thought that these would be terribly color inaccurate but when I transferred them on my computer I saw that they are actually good. I present you Essence Miami Pink From the Miami roller girl collection.

Two coats with top coat, in the sun. It's a darker but still vibrant pink, which is pretty pigmented but you have to be careful with application because it tends to have bald spots. It comes in the bottle that is same in the Catrice range so it's 10 mL and the new rounded brush. 

And in the shade. It dries quickly even though it has slightly thicker consistency. How long does it last I don't know but I didn't get too many chips after swimming so on regular days it might be quite good. I also bought a blush from this collection are you interested in some swatches?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Like a skyscraper

With all the grey and gloomy weather I decided to wear something grey on my nails and what better than Essence Skyscraper from the Urban Messages LE that I haven't shown you yet. This collection was all around for a really long time, but I don't think it still is. 

All pictures are two coats with top coat, first two pictures are shot in natural lightning. Application and consistency are ok, when I first purchased it it was a little sheer, but that got better with time. 

Usually it's not this glossy but Essence BTGN top coat gives it this glossiness. The color is a mix of nude beige, grey with tiny little flecked shimmer that has a blue shine. It doesn't show up too much on the pictures but it's visible in person and it gives this polish something interesting to look at. 

And the photo under artificial lightning. Staying power is really good in my opinion and even if it has tip wear it's not that visible on colors like this. Well the weather will become nicer again these days so I'm going back to the bold colors :D

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Turquoise NOTD

Sorry for going MIA but I was and still am busy, but I hope I'll be back to regular posting. My stomach flu passed in the mean time which is very good. Lousy news that during a bus drive, while I was sleeping my middle nail broke in the worst possible place so I had to shorten them. State of my cuticles and everything isn't so great, but just so you can see for yourself this is my mani from today. It's Essence Splash refresh and on the accent nail Milani Blue flash

Shot in the shade with top coat (two thick coats on the ring finger because it's one hungry glitter) It looks pretty but it would look much better if my nails were still in shape. It's late around here so it's good night for me :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Neon pink

We all know that neons are IT for this summer, so I give you my another neon polish from my stash and my second Yolizul named 182. It gave me a hard time photographing it as was expected, but you all know the color of the pink highlighter and this is that color. I've tried to layer it over white but it was streaky and uneven so I layered it over a pink and that made it look nice and even. 

This is two coats over the pink, shot in the shade. As you can see it dries to a satiny finish. Polish itself is pretty sheer.

Then I added a  top coat and to me it looks so much better that way. Also shot in the shade. 

And this one is shot in the sun, too yellow I think. I tried many lightnings and different camera settings but unfortunately I couldn't capture the true color. I hope that at least you get the feel how this polish looks like in person. You might have noticed that I didn't post this on schedule, well I was slightly busy and it's summer a little bit going off track is good :D 

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Today I have zero inspiration for writing I don't know why I have so many pictures, but the text for them just isn't there. So I'll be a little random today, a little nails as I know you always like to see those and some eye make up :)

You've already seen this one, it's Essence Very berry but this time mattified. My matte top coat is already started to leave white spots :( I hope it's just this once :/

Summer is not really a great time for a lot of make up, but I was bored so why not experiment a little. I never wear winged looks because of my hooded eyes but I can try everything every once in a while. 

And a close up, a little black and gold with black liner and mascara. No mascara on the bottom because I kind of prefer cleaner look under the eyes. I wasn't very satisfied with the lip color, but I don't have all of my make up with me so I don't have such a good selection. I somehow got to the end ^_^ What do you think? 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Coral pink

I seriously thought that today I'll just post photos, but I figured I could write a few words. It seems that I caught a stomach flu or something similar so I'm not feeling really well. So yesterday I was in Dm and I saw that Bourjois polishes were 30% off, so since I don't have any I decided to give one a try. I chose number 25 it's gorgeous coral leaning on the pink side. 

This is two coats with top coat, shot in the shade. Consistency of this polish is slightly runny but it's nicely pigmented. You get 9 mL of polish in this bottle. In the bottle it gives a slight hint that maybe it has some shimmer, but that doesn't show up on the nail in any conditions. 

Also two coats with top coat, but shot in the sun. Slightly washed out color, but the sun is really strong these days around here so maybe not the best for taking pictures. 

And finally the picture of the brush, it's so weird, maybe I'll get used to it but for the first time using it I made a lot of mess that needed to be cleaned up. It's nice, girly and summery, it will be used a lot :D 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pimp my shrimp

I've had this one for a while. It's part of the core Catrice collection and it's called Pimp my shrimp. It's an orange creme polish.

In the shade, three coats without top coat. The really good thing is how shiny it is, and the bad thing is that it has lousy application. It likes to leave bald spots and it doesn't level itself. Also specially with only two coats there is some visible nail line which can be annoying, even more because this is a creme polish.

And this is the picture in the sun, not color accurate because my camera freaks out a little. If you really like this color and you are willing to be more careful with it go and buy it but it's nothing super special. This one will be surviving the autumn change of products I'd much rather they keep Pool party at night than this one. My nails are really short again but I'm pampering them and I hope they will grow quickly :)