Friday, June 29, 2012

I heart summer

Last Sunday I was at a great beach called Pasjaca and here are just a few pics :) It's like a little heaven away from almost everybody.

No I'm not teasing at all :P

A rose :) Roses are my favorite flowers

And almost complete picture of my ever growing XD stash, sorry about the things around it, it's kind of too big for my table ^_^ I don't really have much time for the internet but I'm trying. Hope you are having fun too :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blue? No one is blue :D

Late I am, late am I with this post, but still it's the right day and it's summer so you can't blame me for enjoying ^_^ There was one more swatch from Catrice Female LE that I needed to show you and it's my favorite and of course blue and it's called Who are Blue. There was another orange polish in this collection but I didn't buy that one

So first pic is in the shade without top coat. Two coats matte or satiny finish, you need to be slightly careful with application but lovely color. 

Still no top coat but picture in the sun. Dries quickly and has nice new brush which is great to work with when you get a little practice. 

Then I went for a swim so I put the top coat on to protect my manicure so this is the pic in the sun. It has a little hint of purple which doesn't show on camera. 

My mani didn't survive much longer, also my nails are super short now, they haven't been this short in a year but my index nail broke in a really awkward angle so I needed to shorten them all. Bye I hope that you are surviving the heat, most of the time I'm loving it <3

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bed of roses

My nails are short again but I wanted to wear something super pretty and what better than this beauty that I haven't shown you still. It's one of the three that I got in a Chalkboard nails giveaway. The maker of this polish is All that glitters and the name of the polish is Sweet, Scarlet and free. You can check her Etsy shop there are some real beauties. 

It can be opaque in three coats but I wanted a stronger red so I layered it over Flormar U14. This is one coat and with top coat. This picture is taken in the sun. 

These two pictures are taken in the shade and with one coat of glitter. The glitter is really gorgeous there is red and white large pieces and small round red and pink glitters.

And I've saved the picture I like the most for the end :) I wish that polishes like this would be more available.   So I'm really enjoying this long weekend over here, what are you doing?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Facets of Fuchsia

This supposed to go up earlier today but I was so busy that I didn't have time to write anything until now. This is just a quick and not particularly good swatch of Revlon Facets of fuchsia. Its a big hexagonal and smaller fuchsia glitter in a black jellyish base. On the pictures there are three coats. In the future I will only put it over black because it doesn't get any depth with layers so it's just a waste of polish. 

This is the swatch in the shade, bot pictures are without top coat and there are some visible bald spots. I didn't even do the clean up because I removed it immediately.

And this picture is in the sun, slightly overexposed as you can see from my skin tone. The reason I'm writing this post so early and without proper swatches is because I got it two days ago and I believe that it just got into our stores or I better say store because I bought it in NAMA and I haven't seen it in Muller. I think I saw other new shades but I was only interested in this one. Too bad that we didn't get the other two, the pink and blue glitter, but small steps and we are getting some interesting brands. The price of this nail polish was 46 kn for 14.7 mL.  The other day I saw Sally Hansen salon line in Sephora but they were too expensive for my taste. That's it for today I will still be busy for the next days but hopefully the posts will be up on time and I probably will swatch this again some other time. Good night :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Green me up Scotty

I like matching my manicures and my eye make up so today I have a green pairing to show you. On my nails I wore Catrice Beam me Scotty! from their Out of space LE. It's dark emerald green with silver shimmer and the awesome part is that it dries matte. It's dry in seconds and if you are really careful it's a one coater. 

Shot in natural lightning without top coat. The only problem is that it chips pretty fast like most of the matte polishes do and if you put a top coat to protect it it just looks different. 

And on the eyes dark green with a little bit of light yellow and gold. I wanted a soft everyday make up so a little bit of mascara, blush and transparent lip gloss. 

If you want to know anything about the products just ask in the comments. I won't list them here because they are mostly discontinued or LE's. It's really nice weather today so I hope you are enjoying it :D 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Essence style it up nail plate

I was surprised when today at DM I saw this nail plate. I never read anything about Essence adding another plate or even that anyone saw it. It's not part of the set but it's an individual plate.

I really like the splash, the heart and the Eiffel tower, but the rest is also really nice.  So if you like it I suppose it's available in the rest of DM stores. It's 13,90 kn. I've just tried them once and the patterns transfer nicely :) It's been a long day so I'm glad I was able to post this and I think I'm going to bed straight away so good night :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I promised you a post and I didn't want another regular swatching post, so three different pictures today.
First blue Flormar crackle, on turquoise green Crazy me from Essence. It's one of the very old LE's and I'm close to finishing it. I like finishing my polishes, that means I have an excuse to buy new ones :D

Shot under artificial lightning with a top coat. 

This is one of my all time favorite pinks and another polish that is close to it's end. I really like this color but this was a limited edition, so now I'm searching for a dupe. I think it could be OPI Elephantastic pink, does anyone have both so we can see the comparison? Or maybe do you know a cheaper dupe for it? This Essence is called I love this city and it's shot in natural lightning with top coat. 

And for the end a non polish picture, this is from Saturday chocolate s'mores and coffee I love The cookie factory. If you still haven't tried their sweets don't wait they are really good :D Do you like this kind of posts more or just the regular swatching ones? 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Another 7 things about me

Again 7 facts about me tag Bitchy dust is to blame for this one.

1. Finally I have a boat named after me :D
2. I'm a nail polish addict from a very young age, when I was three I harassed my best friends mother to paint my nails, three year old with sexy red nail polish, amazing isn't it? :D
3. I hate word verification, this is what I got today

It's getting more and more ridiculous, if you have it on your blog, please turn it off it makes people give up on commenting on your blog
4. I'm obsessed with water/sea I like to look at it, be around it, drink it, photograph it, swim, dive, float, absolutely everything
5. I love literature but grammar is the bane of my existence I've never liked it and never learned it properly. I know it on some subconscious level but ask me a rule and I will only have a giant question mark above my head. 
6. Lately I've been obsessed with French cinema and music, only problem I have is that I don't speak french so I need subtitles and translating. On top of my to do list for a long time is to learn french so this summer I'm trying that on my own and maybe in the winter I'll find a school or something like that
7. I've watched all 7 seasons of Gilmore girls in a week and I love them, so funny and many handsome guys around, Logan is my favorite

Well somehow I managed to get through another 7 things about me and it's probably the last one. I always struggle to find things to write about myself and I'm probably repeating myself. So have a lovely weekend and if I don't post sooner I will on Monday ;)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Don't feed the birds

This is Catrice-Don't feed the birds and it's old and discontinued, which is not a tragedy because it's real PIA, but then again yellows always are.


This is two coats without top coat in natural lightning. It's not completely opaque but it's ok. Drying time is so so but with a quick dry top coat it's good. 

And this is three coats with top coat in artificial lightning. If I had a steady hand I could draw black stripes and that could be a perfect bee manicure ^_^. Wow these posts are getting really short, hopefully I will write more in the future :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Butterfly pink

I tweeted last night that I'm into pinks and this is the one I am currently wearing. It's Butterfly collection 252 and it says on the bottle Single. I don't know where to buy these because I bought it on a forum. Bottle has 6 mL even though it looks smaller to me.

Both pics with top coat in natural lightning. It's pretty sheer so it needs three coats, last one was pretty thick.  

It's nice medium cream pink. I think I'll try some gradient or stamping after, but I really like this color and could leave it alone like this :) What do you think?