Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So suit glitter

Second polish from the Female LE is So suit and it's medium gray that also dries to a satin finish. Dries quickly and I even like this one on it's own. 

Two coats, no top coat, artificial lightning. I didn't want to put a regular top coat on it, so I decided to use a black glitter and it's LA Girl Unihibited from Glitter addict line, it has small round and bigger black hexagon glitter. 

Also shot in artificial lightning without top coat. It's nice but I had something else in mind, so I added a coat of Essence Make it golden and then a coat of matte top coat.

I like this combo, what do you think of it?  This post is a bit short but I am writing it a little late, but I think that the pictures tell it all :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lucky silver

Oh why didn't I buy this sooner? I've looked at it before but I thought that this would be a scattered holo, but I was wrong, lights in the store don't do it justice. Also I've read that it's really sheer, well either they changed the formula or I got a lucky bottle. So full name of this beauty is Look by BIPA-Metallic matt and it's labeled special effect so it's probably some kind of limited edition, but it's been around for some time now. 

This is two coats, with top coat in the sunlight. My camera is't really able to properly capture the holo effect so use your imagination a little ^_^

I think this one is a little better. I could put a dozen of pictures but I don't want to drown you in them. I used Essence 24/7 base and it applied like heaven on it. I didn't try anything other for a base. Formula is good and the only downside is that it has only 5 mL, price is also nice it's only 15 kunas (around 2 euros). 

Shot in the artificial light, slightly blurry but it shows how linear this is, particles aren't that small and fine but it's definitely the best holo that we can find in Croatian stores. 

And this is only one coat of Metallic matt, so you can see how opaque this is, so I really don't understand that some reviews said that it was sheer, but then again as I've said it might be a lucky bottle. I'm so glad I decided to pick it up, in the next months hopefully there will be a lot of sun so I'll get to enjoy it to the fullest. Check your local BIPA stores for this gem it's worth having it in your collection :D

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Smooth satin nude

Time for a new post :) Of course I couldn't stay away from buying nail polish and yesterday was 30% off in Kozmo stores so I had to pick something up. This is one of the ones I picked up. It's Catrice-Nude from their Female limited edition. I'm pretty sure this doesn't suite my skin tone but I like the color and I need more nudes since usually I like to buy colors that stand out.

Pictures are taken in natural light. This is two coats without top coat, and it dries to a satin finish. It also dries really quick. Consistency is nice, not too thin it glides on nicely.

This one is with top coat and I like it better in this version. I think pictures are pretty color accurate and I don't really know how to describe this color it's light pink with lots of dusty undertones. 

This is I think their first limited edition with the new brushes so I've decided to include the picture of the brush. When I first tried this brush ( in another polish that I have jet to show you ^_^) I didn't like it, but now I think it's much better then the old one. It's easier to work with it, both this and the old one are a little too big for my pinky finger but I can work around it and the cleanup is minimal. That's all for today, more from this collection in the future :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sista can I get a Mojito?

As with all turquoise green polishes, pictures aren't color accurate this looks too blue. It's Mojito green from Essence Soul sista LE and it has a fine gold shimmer inside that shows up on the nails but not so much in the pictures. This nail polish is a real eye catcher. 

On the pictures there are two coats if I remember well with top coat. It could be a one coater if you are very careful. Standard brush, 8 mL, nice formulations, dries fairly quickly. 

It's another one on my list To wear this summer. Pictures are in natural lightning. I did wear a base cat with this but I don't think it stains terribly I hope it wont prove me wrong. It's raining really badly right now I feel like it's November, summer come back please I love you :D 

Friday, May 18, 2012


This is a book tag and you can try using google translate I didn't feel like writing this in english. If you have any questions I'll be glad to answer them in the comments
Ovo je tag koji sam vidjela kod Bitchy Dust pa odlucih i ja odgovarat, ne slijedim pravila niti tagam ikog ali slobodno odgovarajte i vi ako vam se da

1. Što trenutno čitate?
Sophie's choice ili bar pokusavam, rastezem vec neko vrijeme, ali u zadnje vrijeme imam problem s dovrsavanjem knjiga pa nije nista neobicno, doduse ovo se cini zanimljivo. Zapocela sam i The book thief pa ce valjda ponovno doc na red nakon sto procitam Sophie

2. Što ćete čitati kad s tim završite?
Kao sto sam vec navela The book thief, a mozda se odlucim i za stogod drugo izbor je ogroman pa cu vidjet sto mi zapne za oko
3. Kojih 5 knjiga ste uvijek htjeli pročitati, a niste?
Prvo sto mi pada na pamet Rat i mir, Saga o Forsyteima, Bijedni ljudi, O misevima i ljudima i Plesi, plesi , plesi

4. Koje magazine imate u kupaonici?
Ne kupujem magazine i ne drzim nista u kupaonici

5. Najgora knjiga koju ste ikada pročitali?
Mali princ XD ne volim ga nikako

6. Koja knjiga je sad popularna, a vi je mrzite?
Moram priznat da ne citam popularne knjige, ali recimo Mali princ je siroko popularan ja ga ne mogu podnijet iako sam ga procitala valjda tri puta jer nakon sto mi se prvi put nije svidio odlucih mu dat priliku da vidim je li do godina kad sam ga citala, nije bilo

7. Koju knjigu uvijek svima preporučujete?
Gospodara prstenova, a i mnoge druge

8. Tri omiljene pjesme?
Ne citam bas poeziju pa cu stavit samo Neruda -Nocas bi mogao napisati, Ujevic -Noc u kojoj pljuste zvijezde i Cesaric - Na kraju ljeta

9. Gdje obično kupujete/nabavljate knjige?
Ne kupujem ih bas jer neke zelim samo procitat, a ne i posjedovat, koliko god bi bilo divno jednog dana imat veliku privatnu knjiznicu mislim da cu pustit da taj san ostane samo san

10. Gdje obično čitate knjige?
Prije svugdje, ali sad uglavnom doma za stolom il u krevetu otkad sam se okanila papira. Ove papirnate volim u busevima, tramvajima, klupicama u parku, svuda.

11. Jeste imali neke čitalačke navike kad ste bili mali?
Bolje nego sad, citala sam jedno bar tri knjige tjedno

12. Jeste li ikad kupili knjigu samo zbog naslovnice?
Ne, nit sam ikad citala knjigu samo radi naslovnice

13. Koja vam je knjiga promijenila život?
Svaka, znam da je to izlizan odgovor, ali je to jednostavno tako. Ako bas moram birat onu koja je imala najveci utjecaj onda je to Gospodar prstenova.

14. Omiljeni odlomak iz knjige? 
"Nostalgija za mjestima tek je opsjena: svaka je nostalgija nostalgija za jednim nestalim vremenom i za jednim nestalim ja u njemu."

15. 5 omiljenih pisaca?
Tolkien, Martin, Bujold, Dostojevski, Murakami

16. Omiljene prve knjige pisaca?
Gospodar prstenova vec spomenuti :)

17. Omiljeni klasik?
Tesko se odlucit, al ako moram birat Braca Karamazovi

18. Pet počasno spomenutih?
Galeb Johnatan Livingstone, knjiga koju sam najvise puta procitala
Zameo ih vjetar, jer sam je citala u originalu i jednostavno progutala koliko mi je bila dobra
Zlocin i kazna, jer je s njom pocela moja ljubav za Dostojevkim
Divlji konj, jer mi je to bila omiljena knjiga kad sam bila klinka
Zivotinjska farma, jer je to zadnje sto mi se stvarno svidjelo kad sam citala

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Choose and stamp it

Finally some stamping, I've skipped it for a while because most of the time I didn't feel like doing it, or my nails were too long for the whole nail designs, but yesterday after I've applied Essence-Choose me it screamed for something white over it and I said why not a zebra print. With a little patience and clean up this is the final result. I must say that I am satisfied with it. 

All pics are under artificial light and with top coat. In RL gold shimmer is more visible and it's a nice contrast with the opaque creamy white

I couldn't decide just for one picture so you'll get three, even if I don't have much text to go with it :)

Choose me is my second bottle I decided that it was too pretty not to repurchase it. I might have a slight problem with buying nail polish but I'm trying to stop. Or blushes I don't need any more of those ^_^ So what do you think?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Neon lights

I was lazy these days so I didn't write anything and today you'll get just pictures. This spring neons are all hip and hit. I've had this polish for quite some time but it's really sheer so I needed a really good white polish. And by recommendation I bought this Smart girls get more, this is my first application but I'm not completely satisfied even after three coats there are still some bald spots. I'll try again and show you the result. So this is  two coats of Yolizul 184 over three coats of Smart girls get more 46.

With top coat in natural lightning. It's the exact color of yellow markers (highlighters)

It's bright and eye piercing and I'll be rocking it this summer. If I defeat my laziness I have many more polishes to swatch :) hope to see you soon :D

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gold hexacomb

I promised you that I would show you what I wore as my birthday manicure and here it is. I wanted to be something special and super blingy. Less than a month ago I won a giveaway on Chalkboard nails and got three custom made glitters. They are all super pretty and first that I am going to show you is Honeycomb made by Lacquistry who makes and sells polishes on Etsy. 

On the pictures there is two coats of Honeycomb and three coats of top coat but it still wasn't completely smooth. It's a big glitter and needs a lot of patience to work with it but it's totally worth it. The final result is absolutely amazing and pictures can't show you how much.

It has big and small holographic glitter and large orangey gold glitter. All the glitter is in shape of hexagons. It looks like I dipped my hands in honey than in glitter and then back in honey :D

I've tried to capture the holo efect in the sun but I wasn't so lucky, you can see hints of it in the bottle. I've made a little film of it but I can't seem to edit it with windows movie maker. Do you have any suggestions for another program to use. If I manage to fix it I will include a link to the video here. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jelly and glossy

A jelly sandwich my favorite kind of sandwich :) Jelly is Little miss bright from Season of extremes collection. I didn't mean to buy it but then I found it for 50% off so I couldn't say no to it. And flakie is good old Waking up in Vegas

Shot in the sun, with top coat. 
Voodoo Blonde wanted to see this lipgloss first so this is in the shade Lounge chair affair from the Soul Sista LE and it's pink leaning on coral. 

On the left side it's properly swatched and on the right it's sheer application. It's pretty thick but that makes it stay on the lips longer

And this is how it looks on the lips, on the left are my bare lips and on the right they are with this lipgloss. I really like how it looks on me and I think it will go amazing with lots of my lipsticks. That's it for today and in the next post I'll show you my birthday mani it's super blingy and gorgeous you can guess what it is if you want to :D

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Birthday haul

I haven't done a haul post in a really long time, so today I'm showing you what I bought yesterday. I went a little crazy considering I repeat that I don't need anything more and that I bought two lipsticks and a mascara the other day. But today is my birthday so I'm considering this as a present to myself :D

Colors are terribly inaccurate because it's shot under artificial light. Which one do you want to see swatched first? If anybody sees me buying anything else for a month please STOP me. Well besides base and top coat I'm running out on that ^_^

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

She made me do it

Amount of blue in this post is not my fault ^_^ Ivana bullied me into doing this manicure ^_^ It seems that I can't do a two color gradient so I picked little more. I did three stripes of color on my sponge and dabbed it on the base color. It's much quicker this way but there is a lot of clean up. 

Nail polishes used are in the picture and regular cut up kitchen sponge

Result with the top coat in the sun

And in the shade where the colors are more realistic. I'm not perfectly satisfied with the result but I promised that I would do this today so I guess that I have to show it. :D