Saturday, April 28, 2012

It went in a flash

Two years ha? I've come a long way :) After all the address changes and platform changes it seems that I found my home here, unless I buy my own domain some day :) When I started I didn't think I would ever write in English and I planned to do more diverse posts than the ones I do now, I always think of them but when I open the editor I usually end up with a nail post. So for my encouragement I would like that you tell me what would you like to see more of on my blog along with the nail polish posts.
But I do have a celebratory manicure for you. This is Milani Blue flash and it's blue, gorgeous and insanely sparkly <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

 This is two coats, but this baby is almost opaque in one coat. The downside is that it's one hungry glitter, on the pics there are three coats of top coat and it still isn't completely smooth. 

Blurry photos for sparkle check, but even this cannot show how insane it looks in the sun.

And one in artificial light where you can see it's not completely smooth. I don't know how will I get it off but I know I'm waiting till it completely chips because I know I won't get bored by it.  Well dear blog, happy blogaversary <3 To all my readers and followers THANK YOU for sticking with me for so long :D 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nature in the city

Just some pics today, some are really old, some are really new. I think I like the last one best :) Tell me what you think. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

You can't have too much blue

I had a huge craving for of course blue nails this morning ^_^ and I remembered that I haven't shown you this one on it's own yet. It's Catrice Blue cara ciao and it's hard to capture it in photos. 


This is with top coat in sunlight, two coats, nicely pigmented and standard formula, this one is still with the old brush (new one is better). Then I couldn't leave it alone so I needed to add some more blue to it and I've added one coat of Flormar G01 which is their blue crackle I think this is the darker one and that they have lighter blue if I remember correctly

This is with top coat also in sunlight. It's not much of a contrast so here is another pic where you can see how nice it cracks

It reminds me of swedish flag when you put it over a yellow

And in artificial light :) Oh and Blue cara ciao likes to stain very much. I've of course put a base coat on so I hope it won't happen this time but with this amount of blue I'm afraid that it's a fools hope. Maybe next time I could put a coat of Jostle in the middle, that would be a true blue overload :D

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cherry? Very :D

So this is the second polish from the Fruity LE that I got and it's called Very cherry. This one also has small purple round glitter but the base is light coral with small silver shimmer which is very fine. 

On all pictures three coats with top coat shot in natural lightning. 

This one is also a bit on the sheer side but it doesn't matter. Formula and drying time are regular. 

I've been really busy in the past days and it's not stopping  until weekend so I'm not really in the mood to write much and I hope the pictures are enough for you. I enjoy wearing this one I think this was a good collection to release in spring. Hopefully more text next time but now all I can do is go to bed. :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fundamental turquoise

I adore blue and I hate green so I love turquoise :) There is a lot of love on the internet for a lovely lipstick called Apocalips that is a part of Illamasqua's Human Fundamentalism collection. I've mentioned somewhere that I would really like to play with the lipstick but it's too expensive for just for play lipstick. So I gave it some thought and remembered a turquoise eye pencil that I have and said why not. 

I'm sure that you've all seen promo pictures from this collection, so this is a look inspired  from of them. Turquoise gel liner, white pencil and false corner lashes

Close up of the lips, I think I should go buy milk and bread one day just to walk with lips like this for a while  I'm sure it would be a lot of fun ^_^

I don't have a good picture of the whole face so you get just half for the first time :D Besides the eyes there is white brow which could have turned out better and a touch of warm blush/bronzer. How do you like my interpretation and overall look? *nowhidesawayandwaitsforcomments*

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Berry smooth(ie)

As I promised yesterday on Twitter I'm trying to show you swatches of new stuff as soon as I buy them. New LE that Essence brought to us this spring is called Fruity. It has a blush that smells like bubble gum and scented top coats and few interesting polishes. Since I don't like heavily scented stuff I only got two polishes that are not scented. Essence forgot to put the names of polishes on the bottles but I know that this one is called Mashed berries. 

In sun, with top coat. This is a light pink creme with purple round glitter that makes it interesting.

On pictures there is three coats and there is still some visible nail line but it's not that terrible. Consistency, brush and drying time are normal. I really like that they put mixing balls in since they don't usually have it and it's easier to mix glitter this way and prevent it from settling on the bottom.

And with top coat, artificial light, color is not very accurate since lightning is yellow but I've put it since I like how this picture looks. Oh and the bottles are 10 mL. I don't know will this collection be available in DM or Kozmo but right now you can get it at Muller stores. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pink is the cure

These days I obviously only publish nail polishes who don't like to be photographed and turn out different in pics than they are in reality. This is Aura-Dr. Pink and it's my first Aura and Serbian nail polish. For getting this I owe a big big big thank you to Zana who kindly sent me this polish just because I liked it on her pictures.

Without top coat natural lightning. It's a bright jelly pink and it looks too red on these pictures. If I remember correctly there are two coats on both pictures but I'm not sure because I've swatched them on two different occasions

With top coat direct sunlight. Formula and brush are very good, it dries in normal time and as you can see it dries shiny. I know that as a blogger I probably should do an Easter manicure, but I don't have any inspiration so it seems that I am a bad blogger ^_^ Happy Easter to all who celebrate it I hope you find some eggs tomorrow and win some egg battles :D

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Don't you dare jostle with me

I really liked the L.A.Girl Rock star line, specially the glitters so when I saw Glitter addict line I was so excited. From this line I have two polishes but I'm thinking of getting another one or two. 
This is Jostle, and it's blue glitter with small round glitter and slightly bigger hexagons.

This is in natural light, with top coat. Jostle is layered over one of my favorite nail polishes ever H&M blue my mind. Camera doesn't pick up color correctly and this is the best I can do without photoshop :)

Natural light, without top coat. Glitter becomes lighter when the light hits it and I absolutely love this combo

Shade with top coat, slightly better picture in terms of color intensity. You need some work to place same amount of glitter on every nail, brush is pretty thin and the hexagons like to run away. 

And with top coat, under artificial light. Any ideas for layering this, blue is only thing that comes to my mind now but what color you think this would look cool on? :)