Thursday, March 29, 2012

Walking to the taupe

I can't say that I'm thrilled with these pictures but they'll have to do :) This is Essence-Walk of fame and it's still in the regular line. It's one of those that "aren't really my color" but when I tried it on I really liked it. 

With top coat, natural lightning. It's muddy grey brown and a creme. Application is really nice the brush is standard for color&go range

With top coat, under artificial lightning. Dries quickly, good formula, great for when you don't want to wear anything bold

I don't usually do this, but with top coat and with flash, color is pretty accurate, maybe a little too light from the flash. If you want to make it more interesting I suggest stamping. I have no idea what to stamp it with, do you have any suggestions?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Jelly alert

 This one is PIA to photograph. It's neon jelly and its orangey pink. The color varies with the lightning very much. It's called Bright alert and it's part of Essence limited edition Season of extremes. Whole collection is just nail polishes and this is the only one I got. Duos aren't very interesting and I didn't want to pay more for the same 8 mL (2x4 mL) as in the regular polishes. 

This one is with top coat and shot in the sun. It dries dull so if you want shiny top coat is a must.

This one is in artificial light also with top coat. The nail line is very visible even more in RL than in pictures. If I remember correctly this is 4 coats. On the up side they dry pretty quickly even without a fast drying top coat. Even though I don't like visible nail line I know I'll be wearing this polish a lot this summer and I think it will be perfect for jelly sandwiches, I cannot wait to try that :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blue eyes

I haven't showed you any eye make up in a while, so when I did this blue one I thought this is a nice one that I could show you. Lately I usually wear softer colors that don't really show much on pictures so I don't think they are good to show you.

All pictures are in natural day light. I used blue and dark blue eyeshadow and dark blue eye pencil. With hooded eyes there is really not much point in doing a lot of work in the crease because it's not visible and it quickly blends with the rest because of the blinking :)

I don't know how much this pictures show it but the darker eyeshadow is in the outer corner of the eye

And both eyes since I'm still not comfortable enough to put a picture of the whole face. On the lips I had nude pinkish lipstick and a warm brown toned blush. I hope you like it :) I have a lot of polishes to show you but somehow I still don't have decent pictures of the, will work on that in the next days. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Twinkle twinkle little star

It seems that no one is interested in the tag post so I'll just put this one out. For a while I didn't do much/any stamping  but yesterday I bought this polish and it just craved for something on top of it. The polish is S-he - 279 and it's periwinkle blue. The color is the same as Essence-Forget-me-not just without the shimmer. I don't know if this is a limited one because it didn't stay on the regular stand but on the separate display

Lately I really like the star patterns so I chose this one from one of the Essence plates and I used Essence Stamp me white with it

All pictures are with top coat on, top ones are in the artificial light

and this one is in the sun. I won't do a separate swatch of the polish and I just want to say that I don't like it's consistency it's too thin and it runs on the nails, also it leaves bald spots, so on some nails third coat was a must. On the bright side it dries quickly so it's not that big of a problem. 

And finally you can see how the mani matches my star patterned shirt :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tag this, tag that

LMC was evil and I have to write 7 things about myself
1. Most of the time I talk to loud, a habit from when I was little and into acting and probably I get that from my mother who is also louder than usual people ^_^
2. Color I don't wear for no reason at all is brown I try to change that but still I don't have any clothing item in that color
3. I want to and I will probably soon get a licence for driving a boat 
4. I watch too many series, new addition to my list are Pretty little liars
5. I hate crime/action movies, books, series...
6. I'm a huge Tolkien fan, reading the books all over again is always a nice thing to do
7. I have a particular and slightly odd sense of humor that not many people get
This part is in croatian because I'm too lazy to translate the questions XD Nastavak 11 pitanja, ovaj tag je by Lexie

1. Koliko često kupuješ make up?
Kako kad, al ono bar jednom u dva tjedna kupim nekakvu sitnicu
2.U kojoj boji imaš najviše lakova za nokte?
Plavoj definitivno :D
3.  Koji ti je najdraži parfem?
Koji sam posjedovala Thierry Mugler Innocent, a onaj koji zelim Givenchy Ange au demon
4. Jesi li ikada dobila na poklon kozmetički proizvod koji ti se ne sviđa? Koji?
Ne dobivam kozmeticke proizvode na poklon
5. Što misliš o sve većem broju kozmetičkih preparata za muškarce?
Neka ih, uredu je dok su njegovani ako ne pretjeruju
6. Dućan u kojem najčešće kupuješ odjeću je...
H&M iako sam se zadnjih godina jako zagrijala i za Dorothy Perkins
7. Koji komad obuće najčešće nosiš i zašto?
Traperice, jer su mi najudobnije i najprakticnije
8. Koji ti je najdraži modni dodatak?
Nausnice i volim kad blijeste :)
9. Koji dio tijela najviše zapostavljaš kad je u pitanju njega?
Stopala, grozna sam uvijek ih zaboravim mazat
10.  Čime sve oštećuješ/njeguješ kosu?
Standardno sampon regenerator, obicni i onaj koji se ne ispire, stalno govorim da cu probat neku masku ali uvijek zaboravim kupit
11.  3 stvari bez kojih ne možeš živjeti su...
Laptop, dobra knjiga i kupaci kostim :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sky is the limit

 As you can see on the right is a follow link for Twitter which means I finally made my Twitter account. I was reluctant for quite some time but I gave in and I hope you'll follow me there too. Today I have a Rimmel polish from the 60 seconds line and it's Sky high. It's that turquoise color that it's impossible to capture on camera.

In artificial light, with top coat, if it had more green in the picture it would be very close to the real color. Good application, handy brush, ok drying time and it didn't chip instantly which is a great plus but I haven't tested it for longer than day and a half

In shade, with top coat, looks too bright. It's a similar color to Essence-Splash refresh but this one is little lighter, less blue and more green. I expect to wear this one a lot this summer. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Back to black

This is also an oldie it's a first version of Catrice-Back to back and even the newer version is discontinued now. This is a black with silver shimmer that makes it interesting but it's very subtle on the nails. 

In shade, all pictures are with top coat. I don't have any complaints it dries quickly, standard brush and application, easy clean-up

In the sun, I'm thinking of putting a layer of matte(soft touch) top coat, I think it should look great, what do you think? 

Artificial light. I'm still reading through all you posts but it's getting better just another 300 of them ^_^

Friday, March 2, 2012

Replacement is not an option

As I've told to Zana in the comments I have some polishes that are not my usual choice of color and this is one of them. I was reluctant about buying it for a long time and now I can't think of a reason why. Those store lights are terrible and probably ones to blame. This is Essence-Irreplaceable and it's discontinued in this Spring/Summer change

In shade with top coat, 3 coats although you can get away with two

Both pictures in sun with top coat. It's a really special nude polish with goldish green shimmer. You've probably heard everything about it till now so I'll just leave the pictures to speak for itself. 

I am still catching up on reading but I have more time now so hopefully there will be more posts around here :) It's a lovely afternoon around here so I'll be going out and enjoy the sun <3 Have a great weekend everybody :D