Monday, February 27, 2012

NOTD Soft dark blue

I was MIA for a few days, I finally finished my thesis and got my masters degree :D Now it's job hunting time for me if you know someone searching for a chemist let me know ^_^ With all the stress and panicking my nails paid the toll and the middle finger on my swatching hand broke and now they are all short. I'm so behind on my reading, my Bloglovin' account has more than 450 unread posts XD

Currently on my nails are Chuck with Soft touch (matte) top coat, picture under artificial light. I hope you are all  good and now I have to catch-up on reading :D

Monday, February 13, 2012


This is one from my most worn polishes post I thinned it out a little bit (with np remover, but you don't do that ^_^)  and put on 2 coats and top coat. It's light pink with lavander undertones and I can't decide whether I like it against my skintone. 

Both pictures are in the sun that finally came out after a whole day of snow :)

Excuse my cuticles, they are dry and with the lack of time I don't properly take care of them and it's cold. The polish is nice, work appropriate didn't cause any problems, maybe I'll come back to it again one day, this bottle is hardly usable any more, maybe just one more manicure if even that. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Purple holo franken, S-he 427 + S-he 464 (old bottles), under artificial light, without top coat.
Looks better IRL -_- Good night :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

We had some really good times, didn't we?

I've been waiting for this polish for a while and now I'm not disappointed. This is Confetteria from Essence Crazy good times collection. I wanted the silver glitter too but it was already sold out. 

Bottle pic with one thing that's unavoidable these days, snow :)

First of all pics don't do this polish justice. This is with top coat in natural lightning. It lacks a hint of purple that it has in RL. This is blue and purple hexagon glitter with smaller blue, green and orange glitter particles in  opaque indigo colored base. 

Other bloggers that have already swatched it complained about the smell and consistency, unfortunately I have to agree with them. It smells like superglue and consistency is similar to superglue and more strokes you do it starts to behave like glue that is getting dry. I bet they put some acrilate in it, I hope it won't cause problems with removal. And another downside it chips pretty fast :( It has so many problems but it's so beautiful that i have to forgive them

Artistic swatch =) I hope you are somewhere warm tonight :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

11 questions tag

I should be typing something else not this now, but I thought I can steal a moment or two Irina and Ibleedpolish tagged me for 11 questions tag. I've done tags like 7 things about yourself before and I really don't know what to write anymore so I'll just answer 22 questions that these two ladies tagged me for :) First  Irina 's set of questions

1. What is your favourite basecoat and topcoat?
My favorite is Catrice ridge filler that was discontinued so I'm searching on currently I use Eveline 8in1 nail strengthener and top coat that I currently use and is my favorite so far is Essence Better than gel nails top coat
2. What is your all-time favourite nail polish?

Hard, really hard but if I had to choose one color for the rest of my life it would be Catrice-London's weather forecast (was discontinued but it's coming back again, yay \0_0/)
3. What nail polish was your biggest disappointment?
I'm usually not disappointed because I don't buy expensive brands, but I would say Essence-Undead? so gorgeous but chips in seconds :(
4. How many nail polishes do you own?

Haven't counted them in a while, around 130
5. How many of them are still "untrieds"?

None, I always immediately try all the polishes that I buy and use them as regularly as I can. I give them all the love that they deserve ^_^
6. Do you have backups?

I didn't for a while but now a few special ones yes I do
7. How many? 
One  of 4 different polishes

8. What is your favourite nail polish color?
Tough one but I have to say blue 
9. What is your favourite nail polish finish?

Holographic, but I like a good creme that can be topped with glitter, layered, stamped...
10. What was your first nail polish ever? (if you remember)

Impossible to remember I know that my best friends mom polished my nails red when I was around three so my love goes back far, but I think that one of the first I personally bought was Maybelline in some pearly white color
11. What nail polish is on the top of your wishlist?

Tough too, right this moment I'd say China Glaze 2nite

And the second set is from Ibleedpolish

1. If you can go on a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Right now somewhere really warm and with gorgeous beaches like Carribeans 
2. What is your favorite color?

3. What is your #1 favorite nail polish brand & you HAVE to pick one! :)

4. How did you come up with the name for your blog?

First it was a nick for a forum and I searched for something that was unique and that if people do Google search that only my name would go up, so I chose a few letters tossed them up around and cape up with this and it sounded good to me
5. What are your top 3 favorite nail polish colors?

Blue, red and teal
6. What is your favorite food that you can eat everyday?

I don't have favorites I could eat chocolate ice cream every day for example 7. What is your favorite Disney movie?
Lion king even though I don't have strength to watch it again after so many years
8. If you were stuck on a deserted island what 3 things would you need besides necessities like food & water?

A book, mp3 player and a camera
9. Do you prefer writing in script or print?

Print it looks nicer
10. If you can meet a celebrity who is dead who would it be?

I like my celebrities living but I wouldn't mind being introduced to Audrey Hepburn
11. If you were able to star in a cartoon one day which cartoon would you pick to be in?

Finding Nemo it would be so much fun being a quirky fish on screen :)

I'm really terrible with tagging people, mostly because by the time I do a post all the bloggers that I read have already done it XD so if you want to do this just answer all the 22 questions in this post, or choose one set or the other