Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Red beauty for the holidays

Recently as you probably already know Flormar arrived to Croatia \0_0/ and I had to pick a few to try them out. All I can say that I am impressed, they are great value for the price.

First that I am showing you is from the Supershine miracle line and it's U14 or as I like to call it Red beauty ^_^ First three pics are in the natural light (no sun) without top coat.

This is three coats and there is still some visible nail line but all reds I own are not opaque enough to cover it. It dries quickly so more coats isn't a real issue.

It's slightly goldish fine glitter in red jelly base. I hope that's visible on this picture. The brush is standard and normal, I only needed to get used to shape of the top so it sits comfortably in my hand. 

This is one coat layered over Essence-Back to the 50s with a little heart sticker and a top coat <3 under artificial light

Also under artificial light, with S-he white crackle and top coat. This combination especially in RL looks kind of weird. Or is it just to me? All in all I will keep buying Flormar I have my eye on some other shades :D


  1. ajme, fantastičan je, i super kombiniran s bijeli cracklom :-D
    ali ne, nije flormar stigao u hrvatsku, bar ne u čitavu, ne u južnu :-(

  2. od kako je flornar stigao u garden, svaki puta se moram suzdržavati, a pokupovala bih sve iz te linije. za sada imam samo plavi duokromni.
    taj bijeli she je čudo, od svih bijelih koje sam vidjela jedino on puca po mom guštu

  3. beautiful red! I also like Flormar polishes :)

  4. Jako je sličan Ruby Pumpsu! Super je! Kod nas je Flormar ponuda i dalje siromašna, u Banjaluci je super recimo!

  5. nail, a znam, al mislila sam opcenito da ga se moze bilo gdje u drzavi nabavit
    Ines, uf opet sam grijesila imaju stvarno super boja pa im je tesko odolit
    zebra, thank you :)
    Biber, ma da, Ruby mi je na nekakvoj wishlisti koju nikako da pocnem cistit, a sto se ponude tice nadam se da ce vam je poboljsat, bar lakove ako ne i ostatak kozmetike


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