Friday, September 30, 2011

Take me to the Caribbeans

Lately I really miss the sea, so I wear it on my nails. This is Essence Caribbean sea from Show your feet part of the collection, unfortunately discontinued or with changed formula, I'm not sure which is correct.

Shade, no top coat. As usual for turquoise it looks bluer on pictures than in RL

This is two coats, and it has nice formula, little brushstrokey but I don't mind

Sun, no top coat. I don't know what else to say about this one so I wish you good night or have fun if you are going out :D

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Red story

Under a really unique name of 45N hides a gorgeous red polish with silver shimmer. This one is from a last year winter collection Diamonds are a girls... I have a story with this polish and that makes it special for me. I wore it really often last winter.

In shade, no top coat, unfortunately no sun also, winter is coming *chuckles* and probably there will be lot less sunny pictures around :(

I think that on this one the color is pretty realistic. Application and formula of this polish are ok and the brush  is manageable.

Artificial lightning, problem with this polish and with 610W which came out in the same collection is chipping, I can't wear this an hour without chipping, top coat delays the problem a little but not much. No matter what this will again be  one of my holiday polishes I hope there will be more stories with it :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Review: Essence - 2in1 hand&nail balm

It's not a nail polish post but it's nail related. The other day I bought a second tube of this cream/balm. 

This thing helped my nails a lot during this summer. I'm usually lazy about applying hand cream regularly so that probably also helped but I think that my results are better because I used this one. 

My skin is normal and during the summer doesn't need a lot of maintenance but my cuticles and nails are dry because of the sun and salt. This really moisturizes them and sinks in quickly without leaving greasy film. I don't know will this be enough for my hands during the winter but I know that it's my perfect summer cream. The smell is pretty neutral and I like it. 

I applied it at least once a day massaging the whole area around the nail to improve circulation in that area. I think that this cream has pretty good ingredients like water, paraffinum liquidum, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol and beeswax that really keeps hands and nails moisturized. The price is really low (around 1,5 euro) and you get 75 mL. I know I'll continue to buy this for sure and maybe during the winter I'll buy some additional cream to use during the day when I go out into the cold. I hope this was helpful  :) 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Deep in

I passed my last exam \0_0/ and now I just need to finish my thesis and graduate :O So today I'm showing you one of my favorite combos that reminds me of deep space. Deep dark blue base is En vouge from Catrice Glamourama LE and on top is S-he 455 (now it has a new number) which is blue, green, yellow and orange glitter in almost clear base. 

Pictures are taken in artificial lighting but they are pretty color accurate. Also all except the last one are with top coat. 

Now I know that this is a light picture spam but I couldn't make myself cut it even more. 

I tried to be as precise as possible because the base color is really pigmented and it doesn't allow many touch ups if at all

I hope it won't stain my nails a lot but it's totally worth it

Too bad that it was too late for the sun but if I remember to take pictures you'll see it some other time :) Now I should go and write something other than this post ^_^

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My nails are shorter as I expected but that happens when you do things with your hands other than typing :P First as a base color Alessandro 265

Unfortunately only artificial lightning because I did my nails in the evening and with top coat

Then a coat of Carlo di Roma 115 in shade

Plus a S-he white crackle that turned out to be quite good but you have to put it on really quickly because it dries with speed of light. When I first put it on Essence Love of pink it melted it but that happened with that polish so I think it was an exception. Now back to learning, see you :)