Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Random polish pictures

This is a random composition of pictures that I wanted to show you I didn't have time to make new pictures so these are all I've got. 

Essence-Can't cheat on me+black crackle+top coat in shade, right hand because I liked it more than left

Essence-Fivepocket grey (my favorite grey if you know a dupe for this let me know because I'll run out soon and be very very sad)+Blair+top coat, only with flash because it was night

S-he-427 no top coat, shade, this was in the beginning of the summer when my nails were this short

and in the sun where you can see it's lovely holo effect

For the end a bad cellphone picture to say goodbye sea, goodbye summer, goodbye... On my nails is Essence-Forever mine. I don't know how often will I post in the next month I have a lot of things on my plate so I'll post if I  can when I can. See you :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stripes, blue of course

I know that there's a lot of blue on the blog these days, but I must show you my second first tape mani  and since the last post was Blue my mind I thought it would be nice to continue with it.

Middle color is Chuck and top is Hip queens wear blue jeans, this is the only picture that I have in the sun and  there is no top coat on this one

Shade with top coat, I know my lines aren't perfectly straight and parallel but it will come with practice I hope

A mani like this needs a lot of work but I really love the result. I hope you are not tired with blue around here 'cause I'm not for sure ^_^

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I was just blue and than BOOM...

you blew my mind :D

This is the first polish from my ultimate wishlist that I got, thanks to a friend who was in Stockholm :) It's H&M-Blue my mind of course

I know there are a lots of pictures here and around on the internet but I couldn't resist ^_^ first three are in the shade and last two are in the sun

On all two coats, no top coat but since my nails are pretty long a third would be good. 

Texture and drying time are good, but wear time is not that great, especially without top coat

I love this polish and I wear it a lot this summer, also I have goggles in exact same color so I like to match them with my nail polish ^_^ Hope you are having fun I'm off to writing my thesis :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Blue blue oh how I love blue

There was quite some nail polish related posts around here lately so I decided that I want something different for today. So this was my eye make up a few days ago. 

Since you already know that I love blue I decided to put some blue on my eyes

the biggest problem is that I don't quite remember all the things that I've used to do this, I think all of the eyeshadows are from essence, and I know that mascara is catrice lashes to kill 

freckles XD and oh I forgot which blush I used... So, hope you don't mind how forgetful I am in this post I'll be better next time ^_^

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I wanna go back to the 50's

I promised you a swatch of another 50's girls reloaded polish that I bought, so here it is it's Back to the 50's 

It's nice opaque jelly tomato red that shines like this without a top coat. 

Application is nice, but formula is little drippy

First two were obviously in the shade, and these two are in the sun. There is still some small visible nail line and without a topcoat there is quickly some tipwear.

It's a nice red that goes well with everything, red lips especially and I think that I'm never going to use up all 15 mL of it but sure I'll try. Unfortunately I think this collection is pretty much sold out but maybe you will be lucky enough to find this baby somewhere :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

GG, but this time it is Gossip girl

I've already shown you this polish but now I'm posting a full swatch+something new. Nail polish is Essence-Chuck

In shade, no top coat, two coats but pretty opaque

Sun, also no top coat, formula is a bit drippy but better that than that it becomes too thick too soon, drying time was ok

Now paired up with it's twin Blair which is grey chunky glitter with smaller holo glitter

I couldn't properly catch holo particles and I think that they best come out in artificial lighting. I love this combo just as I like the pair from the series. I can't wait for it to start again but I'll try to be patient. Which is your guilty pleasure series?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Royal PIA

Today will be just a quick one because I'm hurrying to the beach. This is another LE polish, and it's royal petrol from Catrice Royal nights.

Shade, no top coat, this is beautiful shimmery dark teal, it's not very streaky

Formula is ok for application but drying time is awful it takes practically forever and I needed 3 coats, ungh. 

I can't think of any dupes right now so I'm stuck with this one.  I use this polish only when I have a lot of time and patience. Now off to the beach \0_0/

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Try to cheat and you'll die

This babe is also going away in autumn :( it is Essence-Can't cheat on me

Smooth silvery shimmer that has some holo effect in the sun, but I really like how it looks in the shade

This is four coats and no top coat, unfortunately it's very sheer, but 3 coats is ok if you can bear a little of visible nail line

You see how this beauty comes alive in the sun <3

Formula is very good, brush is standard c&g brush

It's not really a holo but it's not bad either just don't try to cheat us (like wit "holos" that are really duochrome ^_^) I've put a crackle on top of this polish but I think that another picture would be too much if I can get some good pictures I'll show it to you some other time :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Do you need a splash?

Slight picture spam today :) it's my favorite light teal. It's Splash refresh by Essence in this summers LE Sun club Bondi beach collection

Unfortunately this one was available only in Muller, but I think that Tryin' to be cool from Multidimension line (also Essence and also soon discontinued) is a dupe

These two in the middle are taken in the sun, you see the polish is a cream, no shimmer of any kind

Application of the polish was great, drying time to I like the formula it's not too thin nor too thick

This one and the first picture are taken in the shade, I think that color on the pictures is pretty close maybe little less green than it should be (you know camera eats up green and purple :)). In conclusion I like this one very much and it was pretty long lasting it survived even going to the beach. I don't know exact wear time because I always remove them after a day or to of wear so I can paint another great color :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Don't go breaking my heart

Well I am rarely up to date with LE's, I do buy them but swatching takes time :) so this is an exception ^_^ today I have  a gorgeous blue-grey polish named You're a heartbreaker and LE is 50's girls reloaded by Essence

This one is in the sun where you can see it's pretty silvery shimmer

I had my eye on this one especially because it reminds me of Catrice-London's weather forecast (which will soon be discontinued :((( ) but this one is few shades darker

And a picture in the shade where the blue part hides away a little. Brush is good but I would prefer it shorter and the texture of the polish is too thin and it drips from the brush. A big positive for this collection is that nail polishes  have 15 mL :D I bought the red one too but you'll see it another time :)