Sunday, December 18, 2016

Changing gears

Firstly yes, I am alive :) 

And my face hasn't changed much ^_^ 

What happened in the last year? A lot of things. List of everything would definitely be too long and probably boring. I've been well and lots of good things happened. Unfortunately blogging fell through the cracks. I have significantly less time lately and I can't promise regular posting, but I hope that I'll pop back every now and then with something new. Also writing in both english and croatian is not happening again, I'm sorry but it takes more time and it reduces the possibility of me posting if I need to translate, but still language of the post may be different according to the topic. I hope that it won't make things too confusing. Make up and nail polish-wise I've been trying to get rid of some old almost empty products, but it's a process, and there are few newer additions, but I'm (unsuccessfully) trying not to go crazy for shopping :D Another thing I wanted to do is try to branch out the topics for the blog and we shall see how that goes. I hope you are all well and that it won't be months until the next post :)


  1. Replies
    1. Hvala good to be back, sad jos samo treba se natjerat pisat redovito :D

  2. Jeeej dobrodošla natrag, nadam se da ćeš uspjeti uloviti vremena da nam se češće javljaš na blogu! :))

    1. Hvala nadam se i ja :D fali mi pisanje, a opet toliko toga mi se uvali prije da ne stignem


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