Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shopping day at Bluemingdales

Since new Catrice polishes got here I had to pick up at least one or two to try. I've got two and today I'm showing you the first one. You all know my love of blue so I couldn't resist this one, this is Catrice Shopping day at Bluemingdales and it's a royal blue nail polish.

nokti 2013 plava

On both pictures there are two coats without top coat. This one is shot in the shade. You get 10 mL of nail polish in these bottles and at first I thought they were smaller than the old ones and that it couldn't possibly hold the same amount of polish but I compared this one to my old bottles and in fact they are the same size. I guess the concave bottom and the reflection of color make the bottle seem smaller.

royal blue nail polish

Here is the picture in the sun. The consistency of this shade is ok, maybe a little on the thin side but two coats are enough to cover the nail. It also dries really fast which is always a big plus. It's not super shiny on it's own but for me that's not a problem because I use a top coat anyway when I'm wearing it. This color is similar to the old Pool party at night but I think this one is a little darker. If you regret that one being discontinued pick this up as a good replacement. 

nova cetkica Catrice lakovi za nokte

And a picture of the new Catrice brush, a little wonky as you can see and not perfectly cut but it's not a big problem to work with it. I hope in the future they will make better brushes, previous ones were much better. So how do you like this blue beauty I know 'll be using it a lot?


  1. Uh, lak s wishliste. Bit će moj jednog dana...

  2. Uvijek sam za nove plave lakove, odličan je!

  3. jep, i kod mene ova boja uvijek pali <3

  4. Nije bas nesto specijalno zanimljiva... Hahaha, ma koga to foliram? Naravno da je odlicna i naravno da mi treba, iako ce to biti pedeseta bocica laka plave nijanse... U stvari nisam nikad prebrojala koliko ih tacno imam, ali plavaca imam stvarno mnogo! :-) Lakic ti lepo stoji i prekrasan je! :-)

    1. Hvala :D Ni ja ih nisam nikad isla brojat, ali znam da su najbrojnija skupina u kolekciji :)


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