Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Another random one

It's been a while since I did a random post so I'm doing one today since I have these pictures I want to share but not want to give them a whole post for themselves :)

nokti radjeni selotejpom

I played around a little with some scotch tape and this is what came out. My lines could have been straighter but next time maybe ^_^ I liked the result anyways :)

rozi lak za nokte

Essence Love of pink, a part of my project 10 pan so I thought I'd show you a swatch before it's all gone. This is one coat without top coat :) 

zuti cvijet

And a yellow flower, I don't know how they are called but I think they are really pretty :) Have a great rest of the day :D

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Project 365: Day 112-118

Week 17, not much to say, just couple of regular days and Sunday :D 

boce na stablu

Day 112. Two beers sitting in a tree

nebo i drvo u cvatu

Day 113. Blue skies and blossoming trees


Day 114. New in #2 I promise to write a review of the face wash I've been meaning to do it for a long time

Day 115. Pizza (and a movie) night


Day 116. Vešmašina

vrh limenke

Day 117. A cold one


Day 118. Third blogaversary :*

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dreams of a mermaid

I've bought these a while ago but I've managed to make proper swatches only now. These are still available so you can get them if you want, I'm not that late :D This is Golden Rose Jolly jewels 107. 

golden rose tirkizni glitter

It's turquoise and blue glitter suspended in a clear base. I didn't try to wear it on it's own but I've put one coat over Essence Splash refresh and this is a picture with top coat in the shade.

jolly jewels nokti

And this is a picture with top coat in the sun. I love this glitter in this combo reminds me of sea and mermaids and it's so very shiny. In these bottles you get 10,8 mL of nail polish. Depending on the place you buy it the price can vary I paid 34 kn for this one which is pretty steep considering you can buy it for much less, but I wanted to have it. I also have another one which I will show you some other time and I have a bunch of them on my wishlist still I hope I will get at least some of them :) Oh and since you haven't said anything on my Facebook page I've put the pictures without the frame but with a link to the blog here, so tell me do you like these or the ones with the frame better? I'm usually not for watermarking but this seemed subtle enough. I'm tempted to continue with the frames since I've used that for so long, help me decide :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Essence stay matt Silky red

And the last swatch of the Essence stay matt lip creams and that is Silky red

stay matt lip cream crveni

There is not much to say that I haven't said in previous posts Velvet roseSmooth berry and Soft nude.

essence silky red lip cream

And here is Silky red in the shade. It's a cold bright red which really stands out on the lips. It's very opaque and you need to be precise when applying it, the doe foot applicator is ok but if you want more control I suggest a lip brush as a better choice. 

crveno mat sjajilo za usne

And this is how it looks in the sun, it's creamy and has a natural sheen. It's smooth and silky and glides well on the lips. It lasts well but if you drink and eat it will fade faster. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Project 365: Day 105-111

Week 16, it's finally warmer and there is a lot of sun :D even though it's raining now I feel like spring is finally here :D 

udubine na drvu

Day 105. Dents

zuti cvjetovi

Day 106. Flowers finally


Day 107. Torch

pogled na publiku

Day 108. View from the backstage

effervescent pill

Day 109. Broken

nausnice crvene masnice

Day 110. My favorite bow earrings


Day 111. Part of the rails

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Heavy, metal and lilac

I don't feel very coherent right now and I would feel guilty if I didn't post anything today so to soothe my guilt and to show you something I chose Catrice Heavy Metallilac. In the last change this one went away and it's replaced by it's darker brother. 

lak za nokte

This is two coats with top coat in the shade. It's a nice purple with fuchsia shimmer that makes this polish really special. 

purple nail polish with fuchsia shimmer

And this is the same but in the sun. It's more color accurate here since it is a warmer purple, but the camera usually picks up too much blue. I can't wait to go to sleep today, but it was a good day :) 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shopping day at Bluemingdales

Since new Catrice polishes got here I had to pick up at least one or two to try. I've got two and today I'm showing you the first one. You all know my love of blue so I couldn't resist this one, this is Catrice Shopping day at Bluemingdales and it's a royal blue nail polish.

nokti 2013 plava

On both pictures there are two coats without top coat. This one is shot in the shade. You get 10 mL of nail polish in these bottles and at first I thought they were smaller than the old ones and that it couldn't possibly hold the same amount of polish but I compared this one to my old bottles and in fact they are the same size. I guess the concave bottom and the reflection of color make the bottle seem smaller.

royal blue nail polish

Here is the picture in the sun. The consistency of this shade is ok, maybe a little on the thin side but two coats are enough to cover the nail. It also dries really fast which is always a big plus. It's not super shiny on it's own but for me that's not a problem because I use a top coat anyway when I'm wearing it. This color is similar to the old Pool party at night but I think this one is a little darker. If you regret that one being discontinued pick this up as a good replacement. 

nova cetkica Catrice lakovi za nokte

And a picture of the new Catrice brush, a little wonky as you can see and not perfectly cut but it's not a big problem to work with it. I hope in the future they will make better brushes, previous ones were much better. So how do you like this blue beauty I know 'll be using it a lot?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Project 365: Day 98-104

It's been 15 weeks :) I'm quite satisfied with some of the pictures this week :) I hope you like them too :D 

kineska hrana zagreb

Day 98. My first Chinese food takeaway  

Day 99. Kozmo brunch

par leca za oci

Day 100. Fresh pair of eyes

svjetla i nebo

Day 101. Turned out lights

sjencanje oka

Day 102. My blending needs more work

ljubicasto svjetlo

Day 103. Purple light

betonski zid

Day 104. Gritty

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Essence stay matt Soft nude

After buying the first two Essence lip creams I was so satisfied so I decided to buy the other two shades. So I'll show you one today and one some other time :)

stay matt lip cream

Today I have a swatch of Essence Soft nude lip cream. 

essence mat sjajilo

Here it is how it looks in the sun. Unlike the Velvet rose this one is really creamy on the lips and it doesn't accentuate dry spots.

mat sjajilo niska cijena

And here it is how it looks in the shade. This a warmer toned flesh color and more appropriate for warmer skin tones. There is not much else to say I've been wearing this one quite a lot since I got it. If you haven't seen it here is swatch of Smooth berry. I hope you have a nice weekend :D

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kozmo brunch and Mades presentation

On Tuesday I was a Kozmo brunch where they had a presentation of four lines of Mades products, Chapter, Label, Stackable and Body Resort. This is a company from Netherlands and they make hand creams, body milks, bath salts, body washes and similar stuff. 

kozmo event

We got a short introduction of the brand and we got to try and smell some of the products. It would be tricky to try a shower gel on the spot ^_^. But I tried pear smelling hand cream and it smells like you've just bitten into a pear. 

mades chapter, stackable, body resort, label

Some of the products on display :)

label, chapter, body resort, stackable

I got a peony scented body milk and flower scented body wash to try out. They both smell pretty intense but not to overpowering I'll get back to you when I try them out for a longer time and see how I like them. I haven't yet gone to the store so I don't know the exact prices but this is an affordable brand so they aren't too high.  For sure I'll be getting some of the coconut scented products which are my favorite for the summer. If you try any of the products let me know what you think about them I'd really like some recommendations :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

This or that tag

I wasn't specifically tagged for this but on Cydonia's blog I told her that I might do it so I'm here doing it. I won't tag anyone but it would be fun to read yours if you do it :)


Blush or bronzer?
Blush I'm still thinking whether I like the look of bronzer on me or not

Lip gloss or lipstick?
Lipstick forever, much more comfortable to wear and more opaque colors in general

Eye liner or mascara?
Mascara, a look can be complete without eye liner it rarely can without mascara

Foundation or concealer?
If I'm forced to choose concealer since I can cover problematic spots more efficiently than just with foundation

Neutral or color eye shadow?
Neutral (I'm getting old) I used to wear nothing but color, but I find myself using neutrals more and more

Pressed or loose eye shadows?
Pressed, less mess than loose

Brushes or sponges?
Brushes, world of make up practically opened up to me when I found brushes


OPI or china glaze?
I have a very small selection of both and for now just for Ruby pumps I'm saying China Glaze

Long or short?
Long of course

Acrylic or natural?
Natural without a question I've never tried acrylic

Brights or darks?
Depends on the mood but more times than other I'll choose brights


Perfume or body splash?
Perfume, sophisticated combinations and lasts longer

Lotion or body butter?
Lotion, sinks in quickly and I don't like to wait

Body wash or soap?
Body wash I've kicked out regular soaps a long time ago

Lush or other bath company?
I've never tried Lush so other bath company


Jeans or sweat pants?
Jeans I don't do sweat pants if I'm not stuck at home

Long sleeve of short?
Short no question whenever weather allows it

Dresses or skirts?
Both and neither since I don't wear them often but if I have to choose dresses

Stripes or plaid?
I don't know considering my closet stripes I guess

Flip flops or sandals?
Flip flops they are cuter

Scarves or hats?
Scarves I'm not a hat wearer I don't even own one

Studs or dangly earrings?
Dangly earrings and very sparkly I must add

Necklaces or bracelets?
Necklaces they don't get in the way when I write as bracelets do

Heels or flats?
Flats I wore heels just a handful of times and I hated it

Cowboy boots or riding boots?
Riding boots I guess I don't think I've ever owned cowboy ones although they might be fun

Jacket or hoodie?
Jacket I'm still searching for a nice hoodie


Curly or straight?
Straight, that's how it dries and I've stopped wishing for curly a long time ago

Bun or ponytail?
Ponytail, easiest to do

Bobby pins or butterfly clips
Bobby pins

Hair spray or gel?
Don't use either but hair spray I guess

Long or short?
Long forever :D

Light or dark?
I've never tried light although I'm interested how it looks so for now dark (it's medium really)

Side sweep bangs or full bangs?
I haven't had bangs in years so I don't know, full bangs I guess

Up or down?
Down when possible


Rain or shine?
Are you kidding me shine always

Summer or winter?
Summer, my favorite season of all

Fall or spring?
This is a hard one I like them both, I like the spring for it's clearness (not this spring obviously) and I like the fall because the sea is still warm enough to swim in :D

Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate in chocolate covered with chocolate

I hope this was fun for you and let me know if you do this tag so I can read it :) Do you agree with some of my choices or would you choose differently?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Project 365: Day 91-97

So another Sunday, another seven pictures. Very uneventful week so you get little things that make me smile :)

opi krema za ruke

Day 91. OPI Avojuice smells divine, doesn't do much for my hands

mis sa dizajnom

Day 92. New mouse finally the old one drove me crazy. The blue light is kind of annoying I hope I'll get used to it


Day 93. High bun

parkiralisno mjesto

Day 94. Early morning traces of sun

kolekcija kistova za sminkanje

Day 95. My small but functional brush collection (there are three others but I rarely use them)

naljepnice na srca

Day 96. Old withered hearts

stranice knjige

Day 97. Reading marathon and I'm reading everything but this book XD

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Confettis everywhere

 Finally it came to our stores :D And I had to snatch one up immediately. I promised you a swatch yesterday so I thought why not put it on right away. This is L'Oreal-Confettis from Color riche range. I've swatched it over Essence Five pocket grey. 

l'oreal black and white glitter

This is one coat with top coat in natural lightning and as you can see it's black and white glitter of various sizes and shapes, there are round and hexagon pieces, also there are small shimmer like specks that you can only see upon close inspection.

loreal lak za nokte

This is also with top coat but in the sun. It dries quickly but to a kind of dull finish which I kind of like but for longevity I decided to put top coat. You get 5 mL of this nail polish for 36 kn which is a little pricey if you ask me but for something this special I didn't think twice :D 

glitter lak na nokte

This one is shot without top coat under artificial light. I like the brush on these they are very easy to work with and if it wasn't for the price I would definitely be trying more of these, well maybe some sale will come up in the future :) I've wanted a black and white glitter for a long time and now finally I got one :D Will you be checking out this one in the stores or you'll pass?