Thursday, March 21, 2013

Au revoir Google Reader...

If you haven't already read somewhere they are retiring Google Reader, so I just want to point out few other ways to get updated about my posts if you are using it. My personal choice of RSS reader is Bloglovin I've been using it for years and although it had some difficulties in the past now everything runs smoothly. If you want to follow me there just click on this button and then click Follow Follow on Bloglovin

I also regularly put links on my Facebook page and Twitter and if you are interested in stalking following me on other services you can find links under Lendoxia on other sites tab.

And a little health update; I'm better, but not fully healed yet, I got some antibiotics and drops and I should be as good as new by next week :D There will be nails soon I promise ;)


  1. samo se ti liječi i odmaraj :D
    a ja ću plakat za readerom :(

    1. Ja moram priznat ne shvacam bas njegovu popularnost, probala sam ga koristit jos negdje pri pocetku bloganja na blogspotu ali se nikako nisam mogla naviknut.

  2. I use Bloglovin too, and I like it :) Good to hear you r feeling better!

  3. Me veseli, da se boljše počutiš. :D


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