Sunday, March 31, 2013

Project 365: Day 84-90

In the spirit of holidays I took a little pause yesterday but today I'm back on schedule with week 13 of project 365. Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it :)

end of the necklace

Day 84. A trinket

snijeg jelacic

Day 85. Even Ban Josip doesn't like the snow

essence prozirni lak za nokte

Day 86. I don't think you need a swatch of this one :) Essence Absolute pure


Day 87. Coloring pencils

cetri godine pepeljara

Day 88. Special day :D

hrvatsko narodno kazaliste zagreb

Day 89. First time in Croatian national theater in Zagreb, watching War and peace

zanimljiv luster

Day 90. Happy Easter and here is a cool light on the ceiling ^_^

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Summer where are you, I just want to say hello

Not to torture you with the old stuff I have something new, although it is limited edition. It's Essence Hello summer from Sun kissed limited edition. 

essence sun kissed limited edition

I still haven't figured out whether I like orange on me or not so I decided to but this one to try it out. It's bright vivid orange creme and it will be great for the summer (once it actually comes :) )

narancasti lak za nokte

On both pictures there are three coats without top coat shot in natural light. Formula is so so and you need three coats to even it out and even then it might be slightly see-through  but not too much. Drying time is ok but I did use fast drying top coat after swatching. I didn't wear it for too long but it didn't chip by then so it doesn't chip too fast. If you like orange it's not a bad choice so if you want it you might want to hurry before this one is gone. Summer where are you I'm waiting :D

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Light and fresh make up look

I've had some errands to run and thought it would be a good time to show you one of my daily looks since I didn't have time to do any nail polish swatching. 

svakodnevni make up ljubicasta i roza

This is a full face shot, picture is in the natural lightning. I thought this would be a good time to show you some full make up with Essence Velvet Rose. It looks warmer and less rose on me than in the tube, I suppose that on someone with cool undertones it would look more rosy. On the cheeks is Essence silky touch blush in Adorable. 

ljubicasto i rozo sjenilo

And close up on the eyes I just used pink Rimmel eyeshadow and purple Bourjois one and a little purple eye pencil.

dnevni make up za proljece

And here is the open eye also I've used Essence Maximum length volume mascara. If you want me to review any of the products used if I haven't already just ask me in the comments and I'll do it :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Project 365: Day 77-83

You already know that I was sick this week, I was seriously thinking about quitting since I couldn't move from my bed for the first three days. But now I'm very glad that I persisted and took the shots. I hope I won't be sick again this year. 

pileca juha iz vrecice

Day 77. Soup for the sick


Day 78. Still sick, high fever 

papirnate maramice

Day 79. Paper tissues 

zagreb slike na zidu u branimirovoj

Day 80. Paintings on the wall

mjesec po danu

Day 81. Memories, good memories

trg kralja tomislava zagreb

Day 82. King Tomislav square

crne tockice

Day 83. Dots gradient

Saturday, March 23, 2013

You did this on purple!

This is so late today but I didn't have time to edit the pictures and write a post before. But I know you mind that it's late because I have pretty pictures ;) This is Depend 202 and it's last of Depends in my stash. 

depend 202 lak za nokte

This is a warm toned medium purple with silver shimmer which is not very visible on the nail but shows up as extra sheen. As previous Depends it has a good formula, standard brush and dries quickly. 

ljubicasti lak za nokte sa shimmerom

On both pictures there are two coats without top coat shot in natural lightning (but different angle of light and camera settings). I like this color and I have to remind myself to wear it more often. You know how it goes when you have many nail polishes and only so much time to wear them ;) 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Au revoir Google Reader...

If you haven't already read somewhere they are retiring Google Reader, so I just want to point out few other ways to get updated about my posts if you are using it. My personal choice of RSS reader is Bloglovin I've been using it for years and although it had some difficulties in the past now everything runs smoothly. If you want to follow me there just click on this button and then click Follow Follow on Bloglovin

I also regularly put links on my Facebook page and Twitter and if you are interested in stalking following me on other services you can find links under Lendoxia on other sites tab.

And a little health update; I'm better, but not fully healed yet, I got some antibiotics and drops and I should be as good as new by next week :D There will be nails soon I promise ;)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Flakies and frankens

I'm still sick, but I couldn't leave you without a post so I found some old (or not so old pics) to show you :)


Flakies over a brown nail polish, this is the first time I've tried this combo and I like it :)

pastelno breskvasti lak za nokte

And these two are the frankens I've mixed up a while ago. I didn't find any peach color I liked so I used some orange and light pink and I got this. I really like the color but I don't like that it takes 4 coats to even out I guess I'll keep on looking. 

zeleni lak smuckan

And a green one I had some green and white left over and said why not mix them maybe I'll use them up sooner like this. And now I'm trying to use it up :) Well I hope you are feeling better than me, I'm going back to sleep and hoping this will pass as soon as possible.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Project 365: Day 70-76

A sweet week you could say. Except for the snow I hope this was finally the last one for this part of the year. 

staklena zgrada

Day 70. Wishful thinking 

the cookie factory brownie ala mode

Day 71. You can't go to The Cookie factory without taking a picture

l'occitane sapun

Day 72. My first L'Occitane goodie, soap from the Spring cherry collection

snijeg na stablima

Day 73. Not again

make up look za izlazak

Day 74. Going out

cokoladna krema good sweets

Day 75. Sweet nom

manikura za dan svetog patrika

Day 76. Why I don't do nail art, my try at St. Patrick's day manicure

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Review: BeYu BB cream

Almost two months ago I went to BeYu event  and we got some goodies to try out so today I'm reviewing BeYu BB cream that we got. On the tube it also says tinted moisturizer and I would say that's what this is because BB creams should have much more coverage than this one. This one comes in a tube which I really like and you get standard 30 mL. 

beyu tinted moisturizer

Things used :) I applied it with a liquid foundation brush because I like the finish more than when it's applied with hands and I can be more precise with the application because when I apply it with my hands it sometimes comes into my eye and that stings. 

tekstura beyu bb kreme

Here is the amount I used and you can see the texture, I think the texture is a little bit deceiving because I would expect more coverage with something this thick but it feels watery when you apply it. 

Cringe moment ^_^ this is my completely bare face shot in natural lightning.

lice samo s beyu bb kremom

And here it is with the BB cream applied. As you can see the shade is little bit too dark for me in the winter but it will be perfect when I catch some sun. If you are expecting coverage you will be disappointed, this just evens out my skin tone, moisturizes and gives a nice healthy looking finish. It's not mattifying so after I apply my make up I usually powder my T-zone. I use this one on days when I don't want anything special but still more than a little concealer on some spots. It also has some SPF so that's cool for wearing it during the day. 

Disclaimer: I did not buy this product I got it at BeYu event. Every opinion stated in this post is honest and my own.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Midnight date in city that never sleeps

Sad news first, this one is discontinued, well the whole line of these double ended polishes is discontinued. But now onto the pictures of a pretty blue nail polish. These are Essence Colour 3 polishes and each side has it's own name. 

essence color 3 nail polish

First this is Midnight date a dark blue shimmery nail polish and very shiny as you can see on the pictures this is without top coat. This is two coats in natural lightning. 

tamnoplavi nokti

And this is in the artificial light. I absolutely love this type of blue it's rich and really nice to look at. 

essence flejkiji u ljubicastoj bazi

And on top I've layered City that never sleeps which are green flakies suspended in dark purple jelly base. Pictures don't really do it justice, but you can see something. This one again is in natural lightning. 

nokti 2013

And this one is in artificial. Combination of these two looks nice but I still have to try to layer these flakies over a creme base for example purple or light blue. When these first came out I thought they were too expensive for only 8 mL of polish (2x4) but on sale for 10 kn this one had to be mine, other ones didn't seem as interesting. Do you have it? And how do you like it?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Essence stay matt Smooth berry

Not to keep you waiting for too long today I'm showing you Essence stay matt lip cream in the shade Smooth berry. 

essence smooth berry

This is an intense opaque dark pink lip cream. As I've said for the Velvet rose it smells and I don't like it. 

smooth bery na usnama essence

It's smooth and it's not drying on the lips. One thin layer is enough because it doesn't look nice when you put too much on. They last really nice on the lips and this shade leaves a little stain on the lips so a gentle peeling of the lips afterwards might be necessary. 

essence lip cream

First picture on the lips is in the sun and the second one is in the shade. You get 4 mL of product and a six months expiration date but I hope they will stay good for longer because I doubt I'll manage to use them up until then. If I haven't mentioned the price in the previous post it's 17,90 kn which I think is good for a product like this. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Project 365: Day 63-69

Week of learning and small details for me. I had other things on my mind so I didn't think too much about the photos but in the end I am satisfied with the result it could have been much worse ^_^

mrezasti sal

Day 63. Caught in a web

vruci kakao

Day 64. Cocoa before sleep

tramvaj desetka zagreb

Day 65. Tram #10 I caught it :D

diplomski rad

Day 66. Remembering the details

biljeske, racun

Day 67. Going through the old notes

paukova mreza

Day 68. Webbed in

essence transparentni puder u prahu

Day 69. Scene of the crime