Thursday, February 14, 2013

Red lips

I'm not one of those who celebrate Valentine's day but my one essential to somehow make an effort is to wear red lipstick on the day. So this is a perfect day to present you Kryolan LCP650 since it is the newest addition to my collection.

lcp650 red

I've somehow managed not to try it before I took pictures, but this one is in artificial light and I've played around with editing. Best representation of it's color is on the lip pictures. 

crveni ruz koji pristaje svima

In natural lightning. This lipstick has a combo of pink and orange shimmer which is not visible on the lips as a shimmer but it gives nice uniform color that has a shiny but not glossy finish. I think because of this combo it suits all undertones and at Kryolan event we heard that this is their lipstick that looks good on everyone. I would just add one thing, this lipstick makes my teeth look SO white. They are not particularly white usually but with this they look pearly white. 

kryolan red lipstick

This is how the lipstick looks in natural light. It accentuates paleness of my complexion but I like that Snow White look. The lipstick is very pigmented and creamy, it applies nicely so you can wear it from full on to sheered out. It's not drying on the lips but it stays really well. 

red lipsitck for all undertones

And here it is under artificial light, where because of yellow light it looks like it has more orange in. So which lipstick are you wearing today? What is your favorite red lipstick? If you have Valentine's plans I hope everything goes smoothly :)

Disclaimer: I did not buy this product I got it at Kryolan event. Every opinion stated in this post is honest and my own.


  1. Lepa je boja, malo vuce na narandzasto. :) I slike su super!

    1. Pod umjetnim svjetlom da, a i ovisi o samom podtonu, pa na meni je to vise izrazeno jer imam taj topliji podton

  2. Baš je lijepa na usnama, sviđa mi se :)

  3. Koji ruž :D predivan je i odlično izgleda na usnama


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