Thursday, January 31, 2013

BeYu promotion in Douglas with Tom Strohmetz

Warning, picture heavy post :) Yesterday we were invited to Douglas to promotion of BeYu cosmetics. Their make up artist is Tom Strohmetz and he did make up to three Lanas :) Check out his website for some of his work I really like fashion make up he did. 

First he did a brown smokey eye on Lana Pavic.

Then he did a turquoise with some black under the eye on Lana Banely

And he also did a purple one on Lana Klingor but unfortunately I don't have a good pic of that. 

Two products he used the most were this Eyebrow powder trio which can be used to fill your eyebrows, as eyeshadow and also for contouring. I like this product because I think that everybody can find the use for it and you can mix the shades to make that shade that suits you best. 

For all three looks he used these eye pencils, they are called Color biggies and they are really soft and creamy and you can easily smudge them right when you put them on, but once they set they are really waterproof and they don't go anywhere. 

I swatched some of the shades I liked best on my hand and I had to use make up remover to take them off. All of the pictures are in the artificial light so they aren't 100% color accurate. You can use lighter colors as a highlighter. I have my eye on the dark blue and gray ( second and third from the left). For the lovers of green they have some amazing greens too. The white one unfortunately isn't matt but if you want a pearly one it's nice. I only shot the first row of the pencils so there are more. 

I tried this hydro Star volume lipstick in shade 384 which is a really nice red ( you can see me wearing it on the right) and it has a really creamy texture and it's really easy to apply. It's not too thin so it stays well on the lips, but it won't survive lots of eating and drinking. 

For all the nail polish lovers over here Tom was really great and he brought me his testers to try out the nail polishes ( there aren't testers of the nail polishes in the store). Of course I chose to try two blues and I've fallen in love. 

First is 224 and it's darker and more muted royal blue. On the pic there are two coats without top coat. I didn't see this one on the stand but they said that they are not still fully stocked so I hope this one will come so I can buy it :)

And the second one is 475 and it's beautiful turquoise aqua color. There is three coats in the picture but I could have gotten away with two if I didn't do my nails in the weirdest position. 

This one is so you can see how I did them as two different accent nails. 

And some pictures of the stand

 here you can see all the nail polishes that they currently have. I want all the blues :D

Eyeshadow trios and lipsticks

Duo eyeshadows and lipglosses, you can see the empty spaces that they will fill out. And in the top you can see a peek of foundation and BB creams

Mono eyeshadows, eye pencils and more lipglosses 

Mascaras and eyeliners

Powder blushes. For now they only have BB cream and one type of foundation, but they will get more, so those aren't in these pics. The prices are great for the quality of the products. If you are wondering nail polishes are 40 kn for 8 mL bottle. For now I have my eye on the nail polishes and color biggie eye pencils, all the girls were also impressed with them :D Big thank you to Douglas, BeYu and Tom for the invitations, this was really fun :)  If you have any questions just ask in the comments ^_^

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You are bluetiful to me

Essence why are you doing this to me? I'm showing you Essence I'm bluetiful today so you can still get it before it disappears from the shelves because this baby is discontinued. I would much rather that they discontinued I'm the boss which is the gray version of this one and I've shown you that one before. 

I guess Essence has too many blue nail polishes in the standard range so they had to get rid of some :/ This is three coats without top coat and shot in natural lightning in all of the pictures. 

I don't really know how to describe it exactly it's like darker and more muted cornflower blue with silver specks and small blue shimmer. This one dries really quickly. I like the consistency it's on the thin side but it covers well with two coats, I added the third because camera can be unforgiving sometimes. 

Here it's probably the most color accurate. I'm sad to see it go and I'm still thinking that I should get a back up but with my no buy (which I'm not very good at) and considering the rest of my collection I know I can't justify it, but if you don't have it, you know you need it :D

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Project 365: Day 21-27

Week 4, I kind of struggled to find inspiration this week, but I think it turned out good. 

Day 21. My least favorite building in Zagreb

Day 22. Water inspired manicure Essence Carribean sea + Glorious aquarius

pivo i rukometna utakmica

Day 23. Beer and a game

Day 24. Color! 

bijele carape

Day 25. I finally have a pair of white socks so I can be completely unfashionable ^_^

vrana u snijegu

Day 26. A crow or a raven? 

knjige gospodar prstenova

Day 27. One of my favorite books

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Checkered tips

 Every time when we are around some important game I notice that lot of the girls look for cheerleading nails. I've already did one two years ago which was full checkered nails.  Yesterday I again made red with white checkers mani but now I only did a french tip.

Here is what I used, Catrice Bloody Mary to go, Essence stamp me white and Essence nail plate with french tips

And here is the result. I used tape to make the straight lines because I can never place the design to be rightly curved. We lost last night but we have another game to go I hope the boys will do better today. I'm talking about handball if anyone is wondering what I'm talking about :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review: Essence lipliner pencils

 Lately I'm more into accenting my lips than my eyes so another lip product swatches today. I have four Essence lipliner lip pencils.

They are swatched in this order, this is a picture in artificial light, but all lip swatches are shot in natural lightning.

All of the pencils are soft and glide on nicely on the lips. They stay well but they are not drying on the lips. These are also really cheap, I think they are around 9 kn and I think they are great value for money. 

First up is Satin mauve, nice mauve color which for me can almost pass as a nude look. A little bit on the cold side for me and can look a bit deadly if not paired right with the rest of the make up.

Second is Cute pink and this is nice fresh girly color which goes well with anything. I would like to have this one in lipstick form just for the convenience of application. 

Third one is Red blush and it's a dark red color which I like to use as a base for  Catrice Tell me a berrytale. It's also nice on it's own and looks good for bolder and special occasion make up. 

And the last one is Femme fatale and it's bright red. For me this is one of the perfect neutral reds, it would look good on anyone. Did you try any of Essence lip liners. Do you have any suggestions about some other lip pencils that I should try?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Illamasqua beauty school drop in with Clare Lille

As you've probably already read Illamasqua organized Beauty school drop in this Sunday just for the beauty bloggers in Croatia and the guest make up artist was lovely Clare Lille. I have some pictures for you but I apologize for the bad quality, there were lots of girls with much better cameras than mine, so you can go and look at their pictures. I tried to do my best with what I had :) If you are in Zagreb and interested in make up tips, Illamasqua is organizing more beauty school drop ins during January and February so be sure to check that out. 

This is Clare and I'm in love with her accent I could have listened to her for hours. She did two looks first was a smokey eye with nude lips and second was eyeliner with ombre lips. 

Her first model was Voodoo blonde and she started with the eyebrows. On both looks she did a strong eyebrow, where the tail is darker and really precise and the front is softer and fluffier. If you want a crisp line you can use a concealer with angled brush and then with a downward motion you can achieve a straight line. Then you blend out the concealer before applying foundation. Then with a black Sophie pencil she made a line really close to the lash line which she then blended upwards. Her tip for blending was that you don't hold your brush too close to the bristles so you can have softer motions and blend better. If you want your smokey eye to last longer you can set it with with black eyeshadow. She also used Fervent pigment which gave the eyes a cool wet look. On the lips she used pencil in Vow starting from the cupids bow and then filling them in. 

Model for the second look was Babushka, first she used Hollow, a cream pigment as a base and then a wash of light vanilla eyeshadow (Stealth) on the whole eyelid, and then with a black eyeshadow (Obsidian) and sealing gel she made a line. Then she used some false eyelashes. On the lips she used two pencils, darker and lighter red (I forgot the names) and a red lipstick over hem to create a gradient effect of the color. 

Tip for the false eyelashes, always try them on the eyes first, trim them from the outer corner, part with the shorter hairs goes closer to the nose and before you use them roll the around something, she used a cotton bud, to make them more curved and easier to work with. On both looks she used Skin base as a foundation,  and just a little bit of blush. I liked the both looks and I'll try to recreate them if they look presentable you'll see them :D 

Afterwards I just asked a little  advice on eyeliner on my eyes because I always struggle with it and hooded eyes aren't the best for flicks, but here is what she did on my right

and left eye and I really like the result. I'm sorry for the black dots I need to change mascara because this one started to fall out. 

And here is a full face shot I like how you can actually see the flick even though my eyes are open. I hope you found this post interesting I know that everyone is writing about this but everyone has it's own view :) Thank you Illamasqua and Clare for a wonderful afternoon and a chance to meet some fellow beauty bloggers :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project 365: Day 14-20

This week there was a lot of snow, so I'm going to torture you with it ^_^

stablo u snijegu

Day 14. This one is a re-do of a picture I shot last year which I liked so much that I had to recreate it to include it in this project

snijeg na stablu

Day 15. I'm not going anywhere so you get snow covered trees

grane stabala

Day 16. Is it time to go out? Nah there is enough trees around here :)

Day 17. Artistic tries 

Day 18. Sparkles

zimsko sunce

Day 19. The sun finally came out :D 

illamasqua lakovi

Day 20. Illamasqua nail polishes *wishlistextendsindefinitely*