Saturday, September 15, 2012

Style me

After being at home and having a really nice spot to take pictures now I really struggle with the fact that I don't have the lightning I want so I'm still trying to figure out what shall I do. So I have something from the maybe folder, even though I thought I would swatch this one again I am stopping the nitpicking and publishing them.

rozi foil lak za nokte

This is Essence Style me love from the Nails in style collection that first came out in the summer of 2011 but we got it this summer. It's the collection with the foils which I still don't know how to properly use and I don't have the right top coat for them, but they will be in some other post :)

metallic pink nail polish

All pictures are two coats without top coat. It dries really fast and if you are careful it can be a one coater

nails in style, style me love

And in the sun it's really sparkly which this picture doesn't really properly show. Do you have anything from this collection and what do you think about this nail polish?


  1. jadna ja, nemam ništa od ove kolekcije...
    nekako me na policama uopće nije privukla :-(

  2. Beautiful polish, I wish I'd bought it when I had the chance :)

  3. Nemam nista iz ove kolekcije.. Smrk!
    Svidja mi se bojica, posebno je lepa na suncu!

  4. Baš je lijep foil! Kako misliš, nemaš odgovarajući top coat? Ja stavim onaj koji u tom trenutku koristim!

    1. ma brzosuseci lakovi i folije ne idu zajedno jer ih zguzvaju a ja imam samo better than gel nails top coat koji ful brzo susi, morat cu nac neki najobicniji prozirni lak za njih

  5. Looks foil-y and lovely :)
    I don't have any of the Nails in Style polishes, never heard of them actually, but I've just googled the rest of the colors from the collection, and I think I'd buy this one and the light blue one if I ever see them here.


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