Sunday, September 2, 2012

Party in My Cabana

 I'm not of the ones that usually buys expensive polishes but this one was on sale and it was a treat for myself . I bought it a while ago and it's my first OPI and it's called Party in My Cabana. I've worn it a couple of times already but I haven't swatched it properly untill now. 

Sticker shot :) I removed the top sticker and just left this one

I love the color it's a darker warm pink, pics aren't 100 % color accurate, it isn't this warm in person but this was the best my camera could do. 

In the pics there are two coats with a top coat. I like the consistency but you have to be careful or otherwise you'll end up with the bald spots. 

And a photo in the sun :) Only thing that I don't like about this polish is that at least on me it chips pretty fast, which is a shame because this is one of the colors I would like to last longer as it's suitable for a lots of occasions. 

So  to prolong the wear of the manicure and bling it up a little I added Circus Confetti from Essence, left pic is in the shade and right is in the sun, click on the pictures to get a better view. Not my favorite glitter combo but it's nice :) Let me know what you think in the comments :D I hope you are having a great weekend and you are not melting like I am, but I don't complain I like heat and I wish this weather lasts for a while longer :)


  1. Meni su OPI lakovi super, uvijek sam ih voljela :) baš mi je lijepa ova boja, prava ljetna

  2. Such a great colour, I'm still chasing after this polish.. :)

  3. I confess I'm in love with OPI, so my opinion would be kinda preconceived anyway :) It's a beautiful summer pink!
    Unfortunately I don't have this one, but it looks great on you :)
    ps: Lucky girl you are! I'm not melting at all, on the contrary I'm freezing here ><

  4. ja ih imam 2 i sa ovim konfetima izgledaju super :)

  5. Lepa letnja boja, vise mi se dopada sama nego sa konfetima, i ja ih imam i nekako mi se cine preveliki..

  6. Ju baš je lepi. Šteta što sam ga tek sad vidjela, super bi mi za ljeto bio :)

  7. Super barva! Tudi s Circus Confettijem itgleda zelo lepo =)


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