Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fire it up

To make up for not posting on time I have a picture spam for you today :D so I hope you'll forgive me I was a little busy. Probably you have seen this one a million times already but it's so pretty that you can see it one more time :P

Probably from the pic of the bottom of the bottle you know what it is, it's Mac Factors Fantasy fire and everybody loves it. I still don't get why this and the Clarins aka unicorn pee are so hyped up but it's a nice polish to look at. 

On the following pics there is one coat of Fantasy fire over Essence My boyfriends jeans 

First two pics are shot in the shade and on all the pics there is a top coat

And the pictures in the sun, the first is to see the copperyness of the shimmer

this is where the shimmer is more on the yellow side

And tilted to see the green :) Sorry for the slight tipwear I polished my nails in the evening and until morning there was already some tipwear.

And an extra, this is Fantasy fire over Little miss bright from Essence shot under artificial light when my nails were the longest this summer, now they are short again because as always one broke and I had to file them all. Have a lovely rest of the weekend :)


  1. Sviđaju mi se ti metalik šimer lakovi :)

  2. Lep je! I ja sam ga pre mesec dana dobila na poklon, samo sto post jos nije dosao na red da bude objavljen! :-) I ja sam ga koristila preko jednog tamno plavog lakica, a da znas da super izgleda i preko Essence Little Miss Bright :-)


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