Saturday, August 4, 2012

I don't skate but we can date

I've told you that I bought a blush from Miami roller girl LE so I wanted to show you how it looks like. All pictures are shot in natural lightning. It's a pretty popular blush it has a nice gradient effect from orange to warm pink 

This is how it looks like in the pan, it's so pretty. Unfortunately today mine fell and now the pink part is smashed :( but at least I managed to save a lot of product :)

Swatches from left middle and right, my favorite is the pink part, but when it's all mixed together it looks really natural on my skin, a nice flush.

And on the top blended all of the colors together, as you can see the product is really pigmented and at first I thought it doesn't stick well to my bare face but I was wrong it sticks nicely and if it's not too hot it lasts a long time. I don't know whether this will be available again in our stores but I recommend it if you have a way to get it. Well I'm off to watching handball and the rest of the Olympic events, are you watching? :)


  1. nije loše, uopće ;-D
    pratimo i olimpijske, naravno ;-)

  2. izgleda mi jako lijepo. što me podsjetilo, zna li netko neko lijepo nježno rumenilo, tražim neku peach nijansu, skroz nježnu...?

  3. znam da je ovaj post star sto tisuća godina, ali fulala sa ovog ljepotana, i žalim za njim već godinama hehehe

    1. Steta, a cak je bio i po dmovima ja mislim sad ovo ljeto. Moj je nazalost sasut u komadima vec neko vrijeme ali se jos uvijek koristi :D


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