Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Disco awesomeness

Picture spam today :D I've tweeted the other day when I wore this that I'm wearing awesomeness on my nails and now I want to show you this awesomeness. I've won this duo in KarenD from Frazzle and Aniploish giveaway and I've waited for a bright and really sunny day to give you the whole show. 

It's the Jessica's Hologram chic duo and it consists of water based base coat and a silver holo nail polish. Holo in the bottle doesn't look impressive and when I first saw it I thought how on Earth will this make that gorgeous rainbow effect?

Base on the left, holo on the right. I've tried to apply it over a different base coat but it goes a little patchy so I always apply it over Retro revival because it creates a really smooth surface that are a must for those pretty rainbows.

This is Disco diva in the shade and as you can see the holo effect is visible even in this lightning. The rest of the pictures are shot in the sun and all of the pictures are shot without top coat. 

Finally a sunny photo :D I thought I knew what holo effect was but when I saw this I realized how wrong I was, this is the real stuff. It just glows and the rainbow dances like crazy. 

There is three coats on all pictures you could go with two if you don't mind occasional bald spots in some places. It dries really quickly and it isn't glossy on it's own. I think that putting a top coat slightly diminishes the effect, but not too much and it slightly prolongs the life of the manicure, mine chipped till the evening, but I had a day filled with swimming, probably it would be better if I kept my hands dry.

The only thing that I'm disappointed with is the brush, it's normal skinny brush, but with the large bottle (almost 15 mL) I would prefer wider brush. I know that this set wasn't available for a lot of people and if it wasn't for Karen's giveaway I would never get my hands on it so I was over the moon when I saw I won this. Well tonight is a night filled with amazing Olympic events so I'm going to enjoy a lot of waterpolo and handball and other things in between, hope you have fun too :)


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