Monday, August 20, 2012

Deejay play my song

I'm feeling blue today so I'm showing you a blue nail polish. It's L.A. Girl's Deejay from the Disco brites line it's supposed to glow under black light, but I still haven't found a lamp so I can't say anything about that :( 

Name sticker shot :)

Two coats, in the shade with top coat. I would say that this is pretty realistic color, maybe it's slightly more vibrant in person. I really adore this type of blue and it looks gorgeous in the summer. 

And a sunny shot, excuse the slight tip wear I didn't take photos immediately. Application and consistency of this polish are nice and drying time is also very good which is nice because I've heard and Punk that I have do have the problem with drying so this line is obviously better with that. I have my eye on another few of these but it will wait until I reduce my stash a bit, it became a monster ^_^


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