Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I was just playing a bit with my camera, these are the results. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Review KKcenterhk stamping plate

This is a second thing that I got from KKcenterhk for a review and it is a stamping plate with a code SPPMM01 and you can find it under Nail Art Stamping section.

This is what a plate looks like and you can purchase it from the link above for 5.05 $ .

 With this you need a stamp and a scraper if you don't already have it, I really like the scraper because it's a plastic one and it doesn't scratch the plates. It's code name is JR1055 and you can purchase it for 4.50 $

And this is all nine designs stamped on individual nails, some are with top coat and some without. They are stamped on Manhattan 75C, Essence Miami pink and Catrice Nude. For the stamping I used Essence Stamp me black and Stamp me white. 

Full hand in the shade with top coat

Three of the mint and white ones also in the shade but without top coat

And another of the pink ones that I think shows you the designs little better. Some of the designs are a little smudged because of the top coat.  At first I had a little trouble transferring the designs onto the nail, but when I found a cooler spot (heath and stamping don't go along because the polish dries too fast) and went over with the scraper one more time I had no problems with the transfer and no parts of the design were missing from the nail. 

Disclaimer: Some of the products in this post were sent to me for a review. Every opinion stated in this post is honest and my own

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Two glitters

Polishes are listed in the tags, all are previously swatched except Glorious aquarius by Essence which is on the first photo. Both are shot in the shade with top coat. 

I'm not for many words today so I would like to hear what do you think about these two?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Deejay play my song

I'm feeling blue today so I'm showing you a blue nail polish. It's L.A. Girl's Deejay from the Disco brites line it's supposed to glow under black light, but I still haven't found a lamp so I can't say anything about that :( 

Name sticker shot :)

Two coats, in the shade with top coat. I would say that this is pretty realistic color, maybe it's slightly more vibrant in person. I really adore this type of blue and it looks gorgeous in the summer. 

And a sunny shot, excuse the slight tip wear I didn't take photos immediately. Application and consistency of this polish are nice and drying time is also very good which is nice because I've heard and Punk that I have do have the problem with drying so this line is obviously better with that. I have my eye on another few of these but it will wait until I reduce my stash a bit, it became a monster ^_^

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pastel mint turquoise

This month in our Dm stores there's 25 % off Manhattan nail polishes so I couldn't resist this beauty. A while ago I realized that I don't have any minty nail polish so as a true addict I had to make that right. I'm not sure that this is a true mint because it leans blue very much but for the sake of my addiction let's say it's mint. As all of their polishes it doesn't have a name but a code and it's 78C.

manhattan mintasti lak za nokte

This is a picture in the shade, two coats with a top coat. It is slightly patchy and likes to leave bold spots but if you are careful it can be easily evened out, probably third coat would make everything perfect. 

manhattan svijetli tirkizni plavi lak za nokte

Picture in the sun, I was worried that my camera would freak out and that it would turn out to blue but I was wrong I'm pretty satisfied with these

And in the artificial lightning. I can't say much of how long it lasts but for now it's much better than my last two Manhattan polishes which chipped in matter of hours, or maybe it's because this time I'm using Manhattan base coat. Who knows :) Now I'm waking this beauty for a swim I bet it will look as gorgeous in the sea. I'm in love with this polish as you can see ^_^ if you need something like this go and get it -_-

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Two in one

So last night was the Closing ceremony :( I'm really sad that the Olympics are already over, now it's another four years of waiting. Well that's it for my rant and off to the nails. I have two things to show you.

First is with the two polishes I already swatched Essence-Confetteria and Catrice-Who are Blue and it's a french manicure. I'm not a fan of the french mani especially on myself but I gave this one a try because really I had some tipwear after a day of wearing Confetteria and I wanted to enjoy it a while longer (read: I was lazy to take the glitter off). But in the end the result is not that bad I think, what do you think?

This is Gabrini - 309 from the elegant line and it's neon warm pink which looks different than on these pictures it's too orange over here, but I've tried to capture it many times but I failed neons are just like that and I don't  want to edit my pictures like that. There is visible nail line, which is not that visible after three coats, but on the picture there are two plus top coat. Warning this one stinks but I got used to it after a while, regular brush and you get 14 mL and it's great for the price these are really cheap. 

And a quick photo to show you how I paired my neon pink nail polish with my simple summery make up for an afternoon coffee.
P.S. I've started to write this post yesterday hence the beginning but I've finished it now and I won't change the beginning 'cause I still miss the Olympics

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Disco awesomeness

Picture spam today :D I've tweeted the other day when I wore this that I'm wearing awesomeness on my nails and now I want to show you this awesomeness. I've won this duo in KarenD from Frazzle and Aniploish giveaway and I've waited for a bright and really sunny day to give you the whole show. 

It's the Jessica's Hologram chic duo and it consists of water based base coat and a silver holo nail polish. Holo in the bottle doesn't look impressive and when I first saw it I thought how on Earth will this make that gorgeous rainbow effect?

Base on the left, holo on the right. I've tried to apply it over a different base coat but it goes a little patchy so I always apply it over Retro revival because it creates a really smooth surface that are a must for those pretty rainbows.

This is Disco diva in the shade and as you can see the holo effect is visible even in this lightning. The rest of the pictures are shot in the sun and all of the pictures are shot without top coat. 

Finally a sunny photo :D I thought I knew what holo effect was but when I saw this I realized how wrong I was, this is the real stuff. It just glows and the rainbow dances like crazy. 

There is three coats on all pictures you could go with two if you don't mind occasional bald spots in some places. It dries really quickly and it isn't glossy on it's own. I think that putting a top coat slightly diminishes the effect, but not too much and it slightly prolongs the life of the manicure, mine chipped till the evening, but I had a day filled with swimming, probably it would be better if I kept my hands dry.

The only thing that I'm disappointed with is the brush, it's normal skinny brush, but with the large bottle (almost 15 mL) I would prefer wider brush. I know that this set wasn't available for a lot of people and if it wasn't for Karen's giveaway I would never get my hands on it so I was over the moon when I saw I won this. Well tonight is a night filled with amazing Olympic events so I'm going to enjoy a lot of waterpolo and handball and other things in between, hope you have fun too :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

I don't skate but we can date

I've told you that I bought a blush from Miami roller girl LE so I wanted to show you how it looks like. All pictures are shot in natural lightning. It's a pretty popular blush it has a nice gradient effect from orange to warm pink 

This is how it looks like in the pan, it's so pretty. Unfortunately today mine fell and now the pink part is smashed :( but at least I managed to save a lot of product :)

Swatches from left middle and right, my favorite is the pink part, but when it's all mixed together it looks really natural on my skin, a nice flush.

And on the top blended all of the colors together, as you can see the product is really pigmented and at first I thought it doesn't stick well to my bare face but I was wrong it sticks nicely and if it's not too hot it lasts a long time. I don't know whether this will be available again in our stores but I recommend it if you have a way to get it. Well I'm off to watching handball and the rest of the Olympic events, are you watching? :)