Saturday, July 21, 2012

Turquoise NOTD

Sorry for going MIA but I was and still am busy, but I hope I'll be back to regular posting. My stomach flu passed in the mean time which is very good. Lousy news that during a bus drive, while I was sleeping my middle nail broke in the worst possible place so I had to shorten them. State of my cuticles and everything isn't so great, but just so you can see for yourself this is my mani from today. It's Essence Splash refresh and on the accent nail Milani Blue flash

Shot in the shade with top coat (two thick coats on the ring finger because it's one hungry glitter) It looks pretty but it would look much better if my nails were still in shape. It's late around here so it's good night for me :)


  1. I think your nails look good. And of course, I love the mani and used colors.

  2. nokti ti ne djeluju prekratki, dobro je ;-D
    plavo s malo glittera, pa kako mi se ne bi svidilo *.*

  3. Lepo, lepo, bas lepo! Prekrasan glitter! :-)

  4. Looks pretty! I like the accent nail :)


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