Sunday, July 8, 2012


Today I have zero inspiration for writing I don't know why I have so many pictures, but the text for them just isn't there. So I'll be a little random today, a little nails as I know you always like to see those and some eye make up :)

You've already seen this one, it's Essence Very berry but this time mattified. My matte top coat is already started to leave white spots :( I hope it's just this once :/

Summer is not really a great time for a lot of make up, but I was bored so why not experiment a little. I never wear winged looks because of my hooded eyes but I can try everything every once in a while. 

And a close up, a little black and gold with black liner and mascara. No mascara on the bottom because I kind of prefer cleaner look under the eyes. I wasn't very satisfied with the lip color, but I don't have all of my make up with me so I don't have such a good selection. I somehow got to the end ^_^ What do you think? 


  1. Very Berry looks pretty with matte top coat, nice makeup!

  2. Essence Very Berry izgleda kao pravo voce! Videla sam ga par puta na nekim blogovima, ali ovo je prvi put da ga vidim matiranog, svidja mi se! :-) Svidja mi se i sminka, nije preterano a lepo, a i okice su ti bas lepe! :-)


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