Monday, July 2, 2012

Pimp my shrimp

I've had this one for a while. It's part of the core Catrice collection and it's called Pimp my shrimp. It's an orange creme polish.

In the shade, three coats without top coat. The really good thing is how shiny it is, and the bad thing is that it has lousy application. It likes to leave bald spots and it doesn't level itself. Also specially with only two coats there is some visible nail line which can be annoying, even more because this is a creme polish.

And this is the picture in the sun, not color accurate because my camera freaks out a little. If you really like this color and you are willing to be more careful with it go and buy it but it's nothing super special. This one will be surviving the autumn change of products I'd much rather they keep Pool party at night than this one. My nails are really short again but I'm pampering them and I hope they will grow quickly :)


  1. This is gorgeous!!! Too bad about the application.

  2. wow fkt je lijepa boja, al 3 sloja laka ne stavljam nikako..prelijena sam ja za takve lakove :) drzim se meet me at coral island i man, go tango :)

  3. sunce mu je popilo boju, puno bolje izgleda u hladu... stoga i preporuka - drž' se hlada ;-D

  4. Prava letnja bojica! :-) Jeste, Nail Crazy je u pravu, boja mu je intenzivnija u hladu, ali je svakako lepa!


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