Friday, July 13, 2012

Neon pink

We all know that neons are IT for this summer, so I give you my another neon polish from my stash and my second Yolizul named 182. It gave me a hard time photographing it as was expected, but you all know the color of the pink highlighter and this is that color. I've tried to layer it over white but it was streaky and uneven so I layered it over a pink and that made it look nice and even. 

This is two coats over the pink, shot in the shade. As you can see it dries to a satiny finish. Polish itself is pretty sheer.

Then I added a  top coat and to me it looks so much better that way. Also shot in the shade. 

And this one is shot in the sun, too yellow I think. I tried many lightnings and different camera settings but unfortunately I couldn't capture the true color. I hope that at least you get the feel how this polish looks like in person. You might have noticed that I didn't post this on schedule, well I was slightly busy and it's summer a little bit going off track is good :D 


  1. o da, neonci su noćna mora za fotkanje, ali isto super izgleda :-D

  2. I also like it with a glossy top coat more :)

    1. I gave you "Por tu naturalidad" award (it's award for being natural and for putting enjoyment before competitiveness) :)


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