Thursday, July 5, 2012

Coral pink

I seriously thought that today I'll just post photos, but I figured I could write a few words. It seems that I caught a stomach flu or something similar so I'm not feeling really well. So yesterday I was in Dm and I saw that Bourjois polishes were 30% off, so since I don't have any I decided to give one a try. I chose number 25 it's gorgeous coral leaning on the pink side. 

This is two coats with top coat, shot in the shade. Consistency of this polish is slightly runny but it's nicely pigmented. You get 9 mL of polish in this bottle. In the bottle it gives a slight hint that maybe it has some shimmer, but that doesn't show up on the nail in any conditions. 

Also two coats with top coat, but shot in the sun. Slightly washed out color, but the sun is really strong these days around here so maybe not the best for taking pictures. 

And finally the picture of the brush, it's so weird, maybe I'll get used to it but for the first time using it I made a lot of mess that needed to be cleaned up. It's nice, girly and summery, it will be used a lot :D 


  1. Tega imam tudi jaz in je barva prekrasna, ampak čopič je res čuden. Se pa sčasoma navadiš nanj.

  2. Odlično ti stoji, iako ima hladnih primjesa!

  3. prekrasno, al uz catriceove lakice nemam uopce potreu kupovat skuple brandove.. :) ozdravi brzo!!

  4. Čopič je obupen pri teh lakih, res.. Jaz se ga ne morem navadit.
    Imam pa isto barvo inje prekrasna! ;)
    Pa zelo lepo obliko nohtov imaš.

  5. Predivna nijansa, super ti stoji! Nažalost, Bourjois lakove nemam nigdje kod sebe za kupiti, a i preskupi su mi po redovnoj cijeni...Doduse, nabavila sam si 3 komada i zadovoljna sam nijansama, četkicom i ne baš, ali privikne se čovjek :)


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