Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blue stripes

I was contacted by KKcenterhk and asked if I wanted to review some of their products and of course I agreed so they sent me three things. First you will see today and the other two in some of the next post I have yet to create manicures with them. 

So the first product is this blue striping tape as you can see on the picture. You get 180 cm of thin striping tape that is sticky and then you can use it as a decoration or to create interesting designs layering multiple polishes. Price of the one tape is 0.90 $ which is really cheap in my opinion. You can find it on KKcenterhk page under nail art decorations and the item number is JR1038

Since this is my first time using any kind of tape I decided to use it in the simplest way. I just painted my nails with Essence My boyfriends jeans and added the tape to imitate kind of french manicure and sealed everything with a top coat. 

When applying a top coat be careful not to go over the tape with a brush too many times because the color can come off.  Also be careful that you don't leave too long ends on the sides of nails because then they can peel away easily. I'm looking forward to using this tape in more manicures like some color blocking or something similar. 

Disclaimer: Some of the products in this post were sent to me for a review. Every opinion stated in this post is honest and my own


  1. izgleda fora. baš me zanima kako funkcionira lakiranje oreko nje, pa uklanjanje trake...

  2. ja ih volim, doduše još ih nisam ovako upotrebljavala, ali doće i to na red ;-D

  3. Svidja mi se Essence My boyfriends jeans :-) Ja sam kupila dve tracice, ali nisam napravila ovakav manikir gde tracice ostanu zalepljene, kao sto kaze Nail Crazy: i to ce doci na red :-)

  4. Izgleda prekrasno. Tudi jaz morem dobiti nekaj teh trakcev =)


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