Monday, June 11, 2012

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I promised you a post and I didn't want another regular swatching post, so three different pictures today.
First blue Flormar crackle, on turquoise green Crazy me from Essence. It's one of the very old LE's and I'm close to finishing it. I like finishing my polishes, that means I have an excuse to buy new ones :D

Shot under artificial lightning with a top coat. 

This is one of my all time favorite pinks and another polish that is close to it's end. I really like this color but this was a limited edition, so now I'm searching for a dupe. I think it could be OPI Elephantastic pink, does anyone have both so we can see the comparison? Or maybe do you know a cheaper dupe for it? This Essence is called I love this city and it's shot in natural lightning with top coat. 

And for the end a non polish picture, this is from Saturday chocolate s'mores and coffee I love The cookie factory. If you still haven't tried their sweets don't wait they are really good :D Do you like this kind of posts more or just the regular swatching ones? 


  1. od ovih lakića imam samo flormar crackle i zbilja mi je krasan :-D
    dobro da se lakovi troše, ima mjesta za nove ;-D
    zadnja fotka mi nekako izgleda najjestivija ;-D

  2. Svidja mi se I love Berlin, a svidja mi se i non polish picture, samo sto bi za par sekundi slatkisi nestali da sam ja u blizini... :-)

  3. Nice nails, and Berlin is awesome! I want to go back and live there some time :)

  4. I really like that pink!
    And non polish photo too ;).

  5. Great pink color :)
    and answering the question - I think it's ok to post a non polish pic now and then among swatches. Such photos make a blog more personal and help the readers to get to know its owner a little bit better, right? :)


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