Sunday, June 17, 2012

Green me up Scotty

I like matching my manicures and my eye make up so today I have a green pairing to show you. On my nails I wore Catrice Beam me Scotty! from their Out of space LE. It's dark emerald green with silver shimmer and the awesome part is that it dries matte. It's dry in seconds and if you are really careful it's a one coater. 

Shot in natural lightning without top coat. The only problem is that it chips pretty fast like most of the matte polishes do and if you put a top coat to protect it it just looks different. 

And on the eyes dark green with a little bit of light yellow and gold. I wanted a soft everyday make up so a little bit of mascara, blush and transparent lip gloss. 

If you want to know anything about the products just ask in the comments. I won't list them here because they are mostly discontinued or LE's. It's really nice weather today so I hope you are enjoying it :D 


  1. I like your matching mani and make-up!

  2. Nije mi ovaj baš nešto. Ne volim mat lakove a i boja ta mi je neka sivo-zelena... neću ga kupit

  3. Svidja mi se kako si ukombinovala sminku i lak! A lak mi je fenomenalan, i boja, a i to sto je mat!

  4. lak mi je krasan, a dobra ti je i šminkica za svaki dan :-D


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