Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Facets of Fuchsia

This supposed to go up earlier today but I was so busy that I didn't have time to write anything until now. This is just a quick and not particularly good swatch of Revlon Facets of fuchsia. Its a big hexagonal and smaller fuchsia glitter in a black jellyish base. On the pictures there are three coats. In the future I will only put it over black because it doesn't get any depth with layers so it's just a waste of polish. 

This is the swatch in the shade, bot pictures are without top coat and there are some visible bald spots. I didn't even do the clean up because I removed it immediately.

And this picture is in the sun, slightly overexposed as you can see from my skin tone. The reason I'm writing this post so early and without proper swatches is because I got it two days ago and I believe that it just got into our stores or I better say store because I bought it in NAMA and I haven't seen it in Muller. I think I saw other new shades but I was only interested in this one. Too bad that we didn't get the other two, the pink and blue glitter, but small steps and we are getting some interesting brands. The price of this nail polish was 46 kn for 14.7 mL.  The other day I saw Sally Hansen salon line in Sephora but they were too expensive for my taste. That's it for today I will still be busy for the next days but hopefully the posts will be up on time and I probably will swatch this again some other time. Good night :)


  1. This is such a beautiful polish!!

  2. znaš koliko mi je dugo na wish listi?
    blago tebi kad si ga i tu našla :-D
    predivan je, naravno, zato ga štedi i maži preko crnog ;-)

  3. Lak je prekrasan! Bio bi super i za pravljenje prstenja i ostalog nakita...
    Poslusaj dragu Nail Crazy, mazi preko crnog, inace smo svi nagrabusili ako se naljuti sto je ne slusamo...! :-)


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