Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Don't feed the birds

This is Catrice-Don't feed the birds and it's old and discontinued, which is not a tragedy because it's real PIA, but then again yellows always are.


This is two coats without top coat in natural lightning. It's not completely opaque but it's ok. Drying time is so so but with a quick dry top coat it's good. 

And this is three coats with top coat in artificial lightning. If I had a steady hand I could draw black stripes and that could be a perfect bee manicure ^_^. Wow these posts are getting really short, hopefully I will write more in the future :)


  1. What a gorgeous yellow!! It looks great on you!

  2. boja je lijepa, ali me podsjetio ovaj post na nešto. nikad si ne usrem ruke s nijednim lakom osim sa crvenim i žutim. pogotovo žutim. ne razumijem zašto.

    1. bit ce da ti nokti vole ta dva pigmenta, meni uglavnom tirkizni najvise problema naprave

  3. jednom sam ga imala na noktima... meni se više sviđaju pastelne ili neon žute

  4. This is such a cute colour, and it would look adorable as a bee mani! I wonder what it is about yellows that make them so much more difficult to work with? >_<

  5. Boja lepo izgleda na tvojim noktima :-)
    Ja nemam ni jedan jedini zuti lak, a mislim da bih se odlucila za neku pastelnu zutu boju..


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