Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blue? No one is blue :D

Late I am, late am I with this post, but still it's the right day and it's summer so you can't blame me for enjoying ^_^ There was one more swatch from Catrice Female LE that I needed to show you and it's my favorite and of course blue and it's called Who are Blue. There was another orange polish in this collection but I didn't buy that one

So first pic is in the shade without top coat. Two coats matte or satiny finish, you need to be slightly careful with application but lovely color. 

Still no top coat but picture in the sun. Dries quickly and has nice new brush which is great to work with when you get a little practice. 

Then I went for a swim so I put the top coat on to protect my manicure so this is the pic in the sun. It has a little hint of purple which doesn't show on camera. 

My mani didn't survive much longer, also my nails are super short now, they haven't been this short in a year but my index nail broke in a really awkward angle so I needed to shorten them all. Bye I hope that you are surviving the heat, most of the time I'm loving it <3


  1. Freakin gorgeous! Reminds me of the one Essence put out with Blossoms LE. :)
    Kiss :*

  2. slažem se, prekrasan je *.*
    ah ti nokti, uvijek problemi s njima :-p
    dok sam pila merz dražeje sve je bilo super, čim sam prestala opet su se počeli listati :-p

  3. ajme, prelijepa boja! moram ga nabaviti!

  4. prekrasna boja. Hvar i lavanda :) asocijacije.

  5. I also love the heat most of the time :). And I really like this nail polish!

  6. Ova mi je boja prekrasna, svidja mi se i finis, a i mene podseca na lavandu!


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