Friday, June 8, 2012

Another 7 things about me

Again 7 facts about me tag Bitchy dust is to blame for this one.

1. Finally I have a boat named after me :D
2. I'm a nail polish addict from a very young age, when I was three I harassed my best friends mother to paint my nails, three year old with sexy red nail polish, amazing isn't it? :D
3. I hate word verification, this is what I got today

It's getting more and more ridiculous, if you have it on your blog, please turn it off it makes people give up on commenting on your blog
4. I'm obsessed with water/sea I like to look at it, be around it, drink it, photograph it, swim, dive, float, absolutely everything
5. I love literature but grammar is the bane of my existence I've never liked it and never learned it properly. I know it on some subconscious level but ask me a rule and I will only have a giant question mark above my head. 
6. Lately I've been obsessed with French cinema and music, only problem I have is that I don't speak french so I need subtitles and translating. On top of my to do list for a long time is to learn french so this summer I'm trying that on my own and maybe in the winter I'll find a school or something like that
7. I've watched all 7 seasons of Gilmore girls in a week and I love them, so funny and many handsome guys around, Logan is my favorite

Well somehow I managed to get through another 7 things about me and it's probably the last one. I always struggle to find things to write about myself and I'm probably repeating myself. So have a lovely weekend and if I don't post sooner I will on Monday ;)


  1. Logan i Jess <3 <3 <3
    (može i zajedno)

  2. Amen to the word verification!! So frustrating! I love Gilmore Girls! Now I want to look at all them all over again, lol.

  3. uh znam i mene odbije kad vidim da moram upisivat sifre, il jos gore ak ne mogu ostavit name/url jer sam obicno prijavljena pod drugim google accountom pa mi je gnjavaza mijenjati sve :)
    a brod, woooow!! kak kul!! :)))
    ps.danas sam kupila 2 nova laka i sjetila sam te se :D kupila sam catrice ruz i lak dirty berry i dobila sam miss piggy reloaded.. :)

  4. Za učiti jezike ti je najbolje skinuti program Rosetta Stone (isohunt much? ;) i jezik koji želiš. Program je super za učenje, imaš dio gdje pišeš, gdje govoriš (treba ti mikrofon za njega ali ako nemaš ugasiš tu opciju pa ne dobiješ ta pitanja), gramatika i razumjevanje. I dosta je opširan. Ja sam počela talijanski ali sam zapustila u zadnje vrijeme, morat ću nastaviti :D

    1. op op puno hvala na preporuci, mislim da je to taman ono sto trebam

  5. baš dobro da si me podsjetila na francuski, moj je totalno zarđa' :-(
    a brod... može đir ;-D

    1. ko i moj talijanski, steta onih 8 godina ucenja, a djir moze ako ces pomoc veslat ^_^ a ako necemo s onom koja nosi moje ime onda samo pricekaj ovo ljeto da polozim za vozit barku :D

  6. This was intereseting to read :)


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