Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So suit glitter

Second polish from the Female LE is So suit and it's medium gray that also dries to a satin finish. Dries quickly and I even like this one on it's own. 

Two coats, no top coat, artificial lightning. I didn't want to put a regular top coat on it, so I decided to use a black glitter and it's LA Girl Unihibited from Glitter addict line, it has small round and bigger black hexagon glitter. 

Also shot in artificial lightning without top coat. It's nice but I had something else in mind, so I added a coat of Essence Make it golden and then a coat of matte top coat.

I like this combo, what do you think of it?  This post is a bit short but I am writing it a little late, but I think that the pictures tell it all :)


  1. wow, konačna verzija je za isplazit jezik *.*

  2. jako lijepo izgleda, pogotovo prva verzija.

  3. Druga i treca varijanta su lepe, ali najvise mi se svidja prva, svidja mi se i sama boja (volim sive boje) i taj njen satinasti finis, stvarno perfektno izgleda :-)


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