Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lucky silver

Oh why didn't I buy this sooner? I've looked at it before but I thought that this would be a scattered holo, but I was wrong, lights in the store don't do it justice. Also I've read that it's really sheer, well either they changed the formula or I got a lucky bottle. So full name of this beauty is Look by BIPA-Metallic matt and it's labeled special effect so it's probably some kind of limited edition, but it's been around for some time now. 

This is two coats, with top coat in the sunlight. My camera is't really able to properly capture the holo effect so use your imagination a little ^_^

I think this one is a little better. I could put a dozen of pictures but I don't want to drown you in them. I used Essence 24/7 base and it applied like heaven on it. I didn't try anything other for a base. Formula is good and the only downside is that it has only 5 mL, price is also nice it's only 15 kunas (around 2 euros). 

Shot in the artificial light, slightly blurry but it shows how linear this is, particles aren't that small and fine but it's definitely the best holo that we can find in Croatian stores. 

And this is only one coat of Metallic matt, so you can see how opaque this is, so I really don't understand that some reviews said that it was sheer, but then again as I've said it might be a lucky bottle. I'm so glad I decided to pick it up, in the next months hopefully there will be a lot of sun so I'll get to enjoy it to the fullest. Check your local BIPA stores for this gem it's worth having it in your collection :D


  1. zbilja je krasan *.*
    nisam do sad imala sreće s bipom, slab izbor lakića su imali :-(

  2. Wow!Prekrasan je,imala sam ga u rukama,a kako se holo uopće nije vidio u dućanu,zaključila sam da mi ne treba.....Ubit ću se :S

  3. Uh, prekrasan je! A još i nije skup, samo što je bočica mala pa odmah treba da razmišljaš o jednoj "rezervi" i samo... što ga ja ovde nemam... :-( šmrk!

  4. Ta kolekcija mi je sva bila super, jedan ili dva da mi se nisu sviđali...Ovaj je savršen! Holo!!!


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