Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Choose and stamp it

Finally some stamping, I've skipped it for a while because most of the time I didn't feel like doing it, or my nails were too long for the whole nail designs, but yesterday after I've applied Essence-Choose me it screamed for something white over it and I said why not a zebra print. With a little patience and clean up this is the final result. I must say that I am satisfied with it. 

All pics are under artificial light and with top coat. In RL gold shimmer is more visible and it's a nice contrast with the opaque creamy white

I couldn't decide just for one picture so you'll get three, even if I don't have much text to go with it :)

Choose me is my second bottle I decided that it was too pretty not to repurchase it. I might have a slight problem with buying nail polish but I'm trying to stop. Or blushes I don't need any more of those ^_^ So what do you think?


  1. Zelo lepo. Na hipe se mi zdi, kot da bi pod konadom naredila gradient.

    1. razmisljala sam o tome, probat cu drugi put ovaj put mi se nije dalo

  2. krasna kombinacija, super ideja da naštambiljaš ovaj lak *.*

  3. Baš si dobro uradila što si se odazvala pozivu laka Essence koji ti je šaputao "Choose me... Choose me.." :-) a i štampa je super ispala! :-)

  4. Super! Choose me mi je dugo bio na listi lakova koje mrzim i ne mogu vidjet, ali kad sam ga nalakirala zaljubila sam se! Super je s ovom zebricom!

  5. Choose and stomp on me :D
    Bizarna sam, sorry.

    Savršeno pečatiranje!

  6. uuuu kako je super :)))

  7. This is too gorgeous! Svaka čast na kombinaciji, pun pogodak!


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