Saturday, April 21, 2012

You can't have too much blue

I had a huge craving for of course blue nails this morning ^_^ and I remembered that I haven't shown you this one on it's own yet. It's Catrice Blue cara ciao and it's hard to capture it in photos. 


This is with top coat in sunlight, two coats, nicely pigmented and standard formula, this one is still with the old brush (new one is better). Then I couldn't leave it alone so I needed to add some more blue to it and I've added one coat of Flormar G01 which is their blue crackle I think this is the darker one and that they have lighter blue if I remember correctly

This is with top coat also in sunlight. It's not much of a contrast so here is another pic where you can see how nice it cracks

It reminds me of swedish flag when you put it over a yellow

And in artificial light :) Oh and Blue cara ciao likes to stain very much. I've of course put a base coat on so I hope it won't happen this time but with this amount of blue I'm afraid that it's a fools hope. Maybe next time I could put a coat of Jostle in the middle, that would be a true blue overload :D


  1. O_O plavoooooooo.... volim plavooooo....

  2. Ova plava me posvuda progoni očito :D

  3. "Catrice Blue Cara ciao" me mami da na njemu nešto nacrtam :-)
    Druga varijanta sa Flormar crackle lakom je savršena tako kako si je napravila! :-)

  4. ovi flormal lakovi su mi totalno otkriće :))


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