Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pink is the cure

These days I obviously only publish nail polishes who don't like to be photographed and turn out different in pics than they are in reality. This is Aura-Dr. Pink and it's my first Aura and Serbian nail polish. For getting this I owe a big big big thank you to Zana who kindly sent me this polish just because I liked it on her pictures.

Without top coat natural lightning. It's a bright jelly pink and it looks too red on these pictures. If I remember correctly there are two coats on both pictures but I'm not sure because I've swatched them on two different occasions

With top coat direct sunlight. Formula and brush are very good, it dries in normal time and as you can see it dries shiny. I know that as a blogger I probably should do an Easter manicure, but I don't have any inspiration so it seems that I am a bad blogger ^_^ Happy Easter to all who celebrate it I hope you find some eggs tomorrow and win some egg battles :D


  1. Even if it looks more red than in real, it looks nice!
    Happy Easter to you.

  2. vidi stvarno, crvendać kod tebe ;-D
    izludim kad se lak ne da poslikat kako treba, ali šta ćeš...
    nadam se da su uskrsni praznici bili veseli :-D


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