Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Berry smooth(ie)

As I promised yesterday on Twitter I'm trying to show you swatches of new stuff as soon as I buy them. New LE that Essence brought to us this spring is called Fruity. It has a blush that smells like bubble gum and scented top coats and few interesting polishes. Since I don't like heavily scented stuff I only got two polishes that are not scented. Essence forgot to put the names of polishes on the bottles but I know that this one is called Mashed berries. 

In sun, with top coat. This is a light pink creme with purple round glitter that makes it interesting.

On pictures there is three coats and there is still some visible nail line but it's not that terrible. Consistency, brush and drying time are normal. I really like that they put mixing balls in since they don't usually have it and it's easier to mix glitter this way and prevent it from settling on the bottom.

And with top coat, artificial light, color is not very accurate since lightning is yellow but I've put it since I like how this picture looks. Oh and the bottles are 10 mL. I don't know will this collection be available in DM or Kozmo but right now you can get it at Muller stores. 


  1. o_O
    Oči mi ostadoše, dugo mi se lak nije ovoliko svidio! Preeeekrasan! Čak mu i providnost opraštam!

  2. Premeden lak, izgleda mi kao šink secerna vata :)

  3. Meni se najviše sviđa baš ova nerealna fotka :)) Imaš neku preporuku za tako što samo bez "točkica"?

  4. I gave you the Blogger Appreciation Award :).

  5. Lovely colour!!! It looks like it would actually taste good :P


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