Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sky is the limit

 As you can see on the right is a follow link for Twitter which means I finally made my Twitter account. I was reluctant for quite some time but I gave in and I hope you'll follow me there too. Today I have a Rimmel polish from the 60 seconds line and it's Sky high. It's that turquoise color that it's impossible to capture on camera.

In artificial light, with top coat, if it had more green in the picture it would be very close to the real color. Good application, handy brush, ok drying time and it didn't chip instantly which is a great plus but I haven't tested it for longer than day and a half

In shade, with top coat, looks too bright. It's a similar color to Essence-Splash refresh but this one is little lighter, less blue and more green. I expect to wear this one a lot this summer. 


  1. ne znam jesi ga pogodila, ali na drugoj fotki super izgleda, prava proljetno-ljetna boja :-D

  2. Predivan mi je ovaj lak, ali nemoguć za uslikat.

  3. Predivna nijansa plave! Jako mi se sviđa. Btw. imaš oznaku na mom zadnjem postu ;)


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