Friday, March 2, 2012

Replacement is not an option

As I've told to Zana in the comments I have some polishes that are not my usual choice of color and this is one of them. I was reluctant about buying it for a long time and now I can't think of a reason why. Those store lights are terrible and probably ones to blame. This is Essence-Irreplaceable and it's discontinued in this Spring/Summer change

In shade with top coat, 3 coats although you can get away with two

Both pictures in sun with top coat. It's a really special nude polish with goldish green shimmer. You've probably heard everything about it till now so I'll just leave the pictures to speak for itself. 

I am still catching up on reading but I have more time now so hopefully there will be more posts around here :) It's a lovely afternoon around here so I'll be going out and enjoy the sun <3 Have a great weekend everybody :D


  1. More swatches I see, more I like it, but I missed it, because it's already sold out. :( Nice weekend to you too. :)

  2. preskočila sam ovog :-(
    svrati do mene, imam sitnicu za tebe ;-D


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